Shanghai residents under control: 996 at work, 007 at home, time-consuming and laborious shopping

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The epidemic situation in Shanghai remains complex.From 00:00 to 24:00 on April 5, more than 17,000 new positive cases were reported in Shanghai. The Shanghai COVID-19 prevention and control leading group decided to carry out another nucleic acid or antigen test on April 6.Until the completion of this test, the city will continue to implement zoning control.On April 6, Nine Party News contacted a number of people in Shanghai, they are students, bao ma, lawyers, fitness coaches and so on.It has been discovered that people who do not normally cook for themselves are now faced with the awkward situation of not having a pot and not being able to cook when handed out.Others feel that the sleepy holiday they once wanted is not even as reassuring as busy work.At the beginning of this semester, as soon as there was a hint of the epidemic, the school was shut down immediately. Teachers couldn’t come in and students couldn’t go out. Since the beginning of the semester, I have been taking classes online almost all the time.A few days ago, we were allowed to go out of the dormitory for free activities, playing basketball and even having dinner in the canteen. This year, the school is under stricter control. In principle, we can only go out of the dormitory when having dinner and doing nucleic acid.The situation in the school is good at present. Every day’s meals in the canteen are uniformly matched according to the menu in advance. There are six sets of meals.The set meal in the school cafeteria.According to the interviewees, the prices are not expensive, ranging from 10 to 12 yuan. There are a lot of people waiting in line every day, and the dishes are small and not delicious.At present, the epidemic situation in Shanghai is quite serious. Fortunately, the school has been quickly closed down and no confirmed cases have been found in the school.The atmosphere in the school is ok. Some students have volunteered to take meals and do nucleic acid every day to maintain order.Nucleic acid sampling on campus.Life is a little hard for me personally, because I can’t play sports and the delivery doesn’t arrive.So far, we have done nucleic acid ten times, and it is said that we need to do it every day until the 15th of this month.Ms Xiao Bao Ma 27 years old I have been working in Shanghai for several years and now I live in Minhang District.Since the end of March, my family and I have been informed by the community that we cannot go out of our house. We have been staying at home for more than 20 days now.Boredom was standing by the window. Through the window, I could see that the street was deserted without cars or people.Because I usually cook at home, I have stocked up on dishes before, so I don’t worry about eating.Plus, there were two waves of supplies from the community, so my family’s in good shape.I understand that some people who don’t normally cook for themselves are now in an awkward situation — they may not even have a pot to cook.My daughter is more than two years old, she doesn’t understand anything, as long as someone plays with her every day, she will be happy.His work is not affected by his partner’s online work, but he joked that if you are a “996” at work, you are “007” at home.On the xujiahui street in Shanghai where Zeng Zhihong is now living, the sun is shining and spring is in the air outside the window, but there is not a car running on the street, and the silence is suffocating.Because of the epidemic, I stayed at home and all my work had to be transferred to online.Now I spend time every day to explore how to make short videos and exchange legal views with netizens on some hot issues.If I stay at home for a long time, I will also have some negative feelings. I usually take exercise to get rid of them, such as skipping rope and doing push-ups.Compared with my colleagues who lived in Minhang district under lockdown for nearly a month, I was lucky.Our community lockdown time is relatively late, and now it has only been a week.With advance notice, every household in the neighborhood stocked up on food.Now I have no fruit to eat and enough vegetables for a week.Community also served dishes, vegetables, potatoes, sausages, chicken wings, as well as prawns, a sumptuous.Community dish.I am from Hunan and have been in Shanghai for many years. I like the cultural atmosphere here.I think Shanghai is a city that values the rule of law. Whenever there is a problem, everyone will first seek legal basis and solve the problem according to law.I started a law firm in Shanghai, and I did a lot of civil second instance commutation and even criminal acquittal defense. I never asked anyone, but only found legal basis.Mr. Wang fitness Coach 26 years old I live in Jing ‘an District. The main impact of the epidemic is that I cannot go to work.Now our community is closed, and we can’t go out normally. We should stay at home and not cause trouble to the government.During the epidemic, our company still paid the basic salary of its employees and provided some living allowances.Communities also organize groups to buy food, and the government also arranges for food delivery.There’s plenty of food, but I don’t usually cook.I don’t feel panic. You have to be in a good frame of mind.At present, I study at home and do exercises at home to pass the time.Empty streets outside the window.Respondents said they had no plans for tomb-sweeping Day and just stayed at home. They hoped that Shanghai could be unsealed as soon as possible and go to work normally.Ms Zhao foreign Enterprise Employee 26 years old The community where I live is located in Shanghai Pudong Zhoujiadu street.The area has been under lockdown for nearly half a month since March 21.I work for a foreign cosmetics company in Shanghai. After the outbreak, I have been working online.The Marketing Department I work in directly connects with consumers. The logistics shutdown caused by the epidemic has made it impossible to carry out a lot of work.The current home office, mainly some data processing work.The enclosed life, boredom is secondary, the biggest problem is the shortage of life materials.Because there are too many residents in the community, the vegetables allocated by the neighborhood committee cannot meet the living needs of the residents, so the community residents spontaneously group together to buy vegetables.However, group-buying online takes a lot of time and energy, and the “difficulty of buying food” is still a big problem that needs to be solved.I hope Shanghai will get better quickly. The overwhelming news on the Internet makes it difficult for me to distinguish between true and false. The holiday in the past is no longer expected.Nine sent news reporter Xiao Jie intern reporter once proud Gu Zixuan Zhang Jialuo