The latest situation in the round of 12: South Korea qualified, the National football team may “help” Saudi Arabia to enter the World Cup

2022-09-13 0 By

Japan 2-0 Saudi Arabia, Lebanon 1-1 Iraq, Vietnam 3-1 China, Syria 0-2 South Korea, Iran 1-0 United Arab Emirates, Oman 2-2 Australia.Let’s start with the group A standings: Iran with 22 points, South Korea with 20, united Arab Emirates with 9, Lebanon with 6, Iraq with 5 and Syria with 2.After Iran, South Korea has become the second highest ranked team in the round of 12.At present group A, only one suspense: group third.With two rounds remaining, the United Arab Emirates, Lebanon and Iraq all have a chance.However, with the exception of South Korea and Iran, the remaining teams in Group A are not as strong as the top three teams in Group B.Looking at the group B standings, Saudi Arabia has 19 points, Japan 18, Australia 15, Oman 8, China 5 and Vietnam 3.Japan and Saudi Arabia this game, is undoubtedly the focus of the war.After Japan won, it managed to stall Saudi Arabia.Australia were thwarted by Oman and managed just one point.As a result, the balance has tipped in Saudi Arabia’s favor and Japan’s.With two games to go, Oman’s draw ended their bid for the play-offs.In Group B, who will qualify directly?There is one team that will play a key role, and that is The National football Team.The next round of matches: China VS Saudi Arabia, Australia VS Japan.Currently, Saudi Arabia is one point ahead of Japan and four points ahead of Australia.If Saudi Arabia defeats China with one round to go, it will clinch the top two spots in the group and advance to the World Cup without looking at Australia.Japan, meanwhile, also needs a draw to earn a spot.In the first game, The Chinese national football team lost 3-2 to Saudi Arabia, looks like it can help Australia achieve the blocking?After watching China’s 3-1 loss to Vietnam, I believe that no one will think that China has this strength.Now the National football team has become a point delivery boy, even Vietnam can not win, how to win Saudi Arabia?So, the National team is afraid to help Saudi Arabia get direct qualification.