The opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics was a dream

2022-09-13 0 By

The opening ceremony of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games kicked off at 8pm on Thursday (9pm in Japan) at the Beijing National Stadium (commonly known as the Bird’s Nest) in Beijing, According to Japanese media reports.The conference was attended by 91 countries and regions.Japanese media reported that the opening ceremony to the “24 solar terms” as the theme, from the beginning of the video and countdown, from the center of the stadium dozens of people combined with the green light of the rod object and the vast LED screen, the performance of the beginning of SPRING performance, fireworks written “SPRING” with fantasy project mapping to make the atmosphere high.Japanese media also reported the first time Japanese netizens sigh.’The dismal opening ceremony in Tokyo was in stark contrast to tonight’s opening ceremony in Beijing. It was awful,’ said A Japanese Internet user.Another posted: “Comparing the two ceremonies…[ours] is too earthy.””Some Twitter said it was better than the Tokyo Olympics, but I personally can’t find anything that was better than the Opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics,” a Japanese netizen wrote.Some said, The quality of the Tokyo Olympics was better in the first three minutes.Another Japanese netizen said, “China’s strong science and technology is impressive, and the way the participating countries show up, Japan cannot win anyway.”Another Japanese joked, “The only thing that wins is the way money is wasted.”A Japanese netizen said, “There are gaps in financial resources and technology, but the most important gap is between directors.”