Yuan Yongyi song Jia demonstration of high-grade color wear, black and white originally so durable, collocation is the key

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In fashion, there are always people who talk about high-grade colors all the time, because there is always a unique touch of color in different seasons to move people’s hearts, and everyone’s aesthetic tendency is different, so high-grade colors are often difficult to be defined.But in any case black and white is definitely the first color that comes to mind. You can see what Yuan Yongyi and Song Jia wear. Black and white wear is really advanced and durable.Why is black and white called advanced color?Black and white have a high degree of integration with different bodies, because the visual effect is relatively clean and pure, so it can better show thin.Black also has an unexpected visual constriction effect, which is why chubby girls choose black items as their first choice.The skinny girls don’t have to say much.So black and white can have very good modification effect to the figure of the schoolgirl, the figure becomes good, temperament also becomes better.We can simply divide the material into matte material and smooth material, and smooth material is not suitable for high saturation of bright colors together, so it is easy to look too gaudy and cheap.However, the combination of smooth material and black and white is just right, because it avoids black and white dress will be too simple, increase the bright spot at the same time, and make black and white become more distinctive.Black and white also have a high degree of tolerance in the style of expression, they can not only show the neat workplace characteristics, but also become the absolute protagonist of formal occasions, showing your elegant intellectual side.So black and white can be worn throughout your life, from teenage girls to mature women.The role of many fashion elements is to make the modeling more personal characteristics, while increasing the striking degree of the modeling.Some prints, sequins, diamonds and other elements can easily turn over, which can make the look messy.The simplest way is to choose black and white as the background color, so simple contrast will also make the shape look a lot more relaxed.Song Jia and Yuan Wing yi collocation Look1: Black suit suit Yuan Wing Yi song Jia demonstration high-grade color to wear, black and white originally so durable look, collocation is the key.The black suit is a very common look in every day life. It is a standard look for elite women in the workplace.But how can it wear a high-level sense, but also everyone needs to pay attention to the subject, otherwise it will appear too rigid and dull.If you want to maintain the cutting edge of a regular business suit, then a cut waist is your best bet.It not only gets rid of the rigidity and rigidity of ordinary suits, but also shows the beauty of women’s lines through the waist design, without revealing the cool style like those silhouette suits.Style mix build actually this sheet suits suit to play mix build style most at ordinary times, it can be combined with any sheet that has girl breath extremely together, show the charm of hardness and softness and aid.The easiest way to wear it is to replace the inside with a more inductive lace strap or a strapless bra, which is really advanced.Delicate skin black suit suits are easy to make people feel very dull, so the use of skin design to break the strong feeling of heat is the best way.Xiaobian suggests that we should try to deal with the design of the neckline part, and use the neckline to expose the skin is the performance of the maximum effect.Look2: White dress don’t say black and white too common, learn song Jia and Yuan Wing yi collocation, temperament is not high.The white dress is a must-have item in every girl’s wardrobe. It may have different styles, but everyone will be attracted by its pure and clean charm.As mentioned before, black and white, though advanced enough, can easily make people feel monotonous and boring, so choosing the right materials is crucial.Especially in skirt outfit modelling, for more those who stick to skirt outfit is comfortable and elegant, like real silk, damask such soft material pledges to suit to become everybody’s first selection more.Compared with the simple and advanced black, white is more likely to show a kind of elegant and intellectual charm. If it can be matched with a delicate accessory, it will appear a lot of gorgeous and expensive.But we should pay attention to the style of accessories, to be consistent with the style of dresses, or there will be a sense of alienation.For example, if you choose a satin dress, then pearls, jade, agate and other high-end accessories will make the grade.Add a sense of design finally is to add some special sense of design in the dress, the basic white dress will appear to have some bland.So everybody can make full use of the advantage of white, and collocation a few designs let advantage magnification.For example, the element such as lotus edge, ribbon, drape can make white become more vivid, coruscate gives new vigor.Black and white are so high class!No wonder everyone on black and white always have inexplicable love, can all the year round so popular, really there is a reason.