Good start!Hainan’s foreign trade in the first two months of this year totaled 28.01 billion yuan

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March 14, Hainan Daily reporters learned from Haikou Customs statistics that from January to February this year, Hainan’s import and export of goods trade 28.01 billion yuan compared with the same period last year (the same below) increased by 72.4%, the growth rate is 59.1 percentage points faster than the country, ranking second in the country, among which, exports 7.07 billion yuan, up 83.6%.The growth rate was 70 percentage points faster than that of the whole country, ranking the fourth in China.Imports reached 20.94 billion yuan, up 68.9%, 56 percentage points faster than the whole country and ranking first in China.Statistics show that exports and imports of all cities and counties in Our province have generally achieved positive growth, with Danzhou (including Yangpu) continuing to take the lead.Among them, the import and export volume of Danzhou is 12.55 billion yuan, with an increase of 129.2%, accounting for 44.8%. The total foreign trade value of Danzhou ranks first among all the cities and counties in the province.General trade is the main force with a leading growth rate, while bonded logistics trade has maintained rapid growth.From January to February this year, Hainan’s import and export in the form of general trade reached 12.78 billion yuan, up 121.5%, accounting for 45.6% of hainan’s total import and export value (the same below).In the same period, imports and exports through bonded logistics reached 7.63 billion yuan, up 48.8% or 27.2%.Driven by the effective implementation of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) in January this year, Hainan’s trade with RCEP member countries accounts for over 30%.From January to February this year, Hainan’s import and export to RCEP member countries reached 8.93 billion yuan, up 61.3%, accounting for 31.9%.From the type of enterprises, the province’s private and state-owned enterprises advance hand in hand, foreign invested enterprises import and export growth of nearly 70%.In the first two months of this year, the total value of foreign trade of private enterprises and state-owned enterprises in Our province accounted for 78.6% of the province’s foreign trade.During the same period, the import and export of foreign-invested enterprises reached 5.99 billion yuan, up 67.1% and accounting for 21.4%.By type of goods, consumer goods and bulk commodities led imports.Imported consumer goods reached 8.76 billion yuan, up 20.7%, directly driving the increase of 9.3 percentage points in the value of hainan’s trade in goods.The relevant person in charge of the Statistics Department of Haikou Customs said that the new market players continue to make efforts, and the prosperity of bulk commodity trade drives the substantial growth of import and export of bulk commodities in Hainan.Data show that from January to February this year, the import and export of mineral ore, coal, oil and gas, basic organic chemicals and other commodities in Our province reached 11.06 billion yuan, up 235.4%, directly driving the value of the province’s trade in goods increased by 47.8 percentage points.Original title: “Off to a good start! Hainan’s Foreign Trade value in the first 2 months of this year: 28.01 billion Yuan”