Jurong medical staff from Suzhou began to work on the night they arrived in Suzhou

2022-09-14 0 By

About 80 medical workers from Jurong went to Suzhou on the afternoon of February 18th and stayed in Suzhou Wangfu Jinke Hotel (five-star hotel) at night.It is understood that on the night of check-in, jurong medical team was engaged in nucleic acid testing and sampling work.From the help of our brother cities, Suzhou also gave back high courtesy and meticulous consideration and care to the rescue medical team.It is understood that the suzhou side to each city medical team’s accommodation is basically five-star hotel.About 80 medical workers stayed in Suzhou Wangfu Jinke Hotel (five-star hotel) on the night of February 18th. Suzhou also gave high courtesy and considerate care to the medical team who rushed to assist them.At present, jurong medical team has been engaged in intensive work.Let us work together as one and help each other to tide over the difficulties.On the afternoon of February 18, the video medical team from Jurong Health Building went to jurong by bus. Some of the medical team members were selected from township health centers.