Strong development of financial power linshang Bank original intention does not change the “loan” moving enterprises forward

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January 24, the lunar month, 22, a week, 2022 Chinese lunar New Year and is located in hedong district river industrial park of linyi city power tools co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as: the powerful tool) outside the warehouse is still in busy loading, a set of aluminum scaffolding is carefully packed into the container, they will be in the next few months across the building site in Australia.Workers are loading from a small hardware trade business, to develop into an annual sales of more than 200 million yuan, products exported to Canada, Australia and other countries and regions of the manufacturing enterprises, Powerful tools chairman Meng Qingdeng said, this can not do without the support of policy, staff efforts, linshang Bank as always support.As early as in the 1970s, hedong has a hardware trading market, and the saying that “every family jingle and every family smoke” is also the true singing of Hedong in that era.With the pace of reform and opening up, more and more people have business consciousness hedong began to engage in hardware steel trade, so Linyi’s first professional wholesale market of hardware steel — Jiuqu hardware steel wholesale market was established.Powerful tool chairman Meng Qingdeng is the representative of this group of people.At the end of the 1980s to the beginning of the 1990s, Meng Qingdeng relying on hardware business accumulated a certain amount of money, in 1995, Meng Qingdeng began to do production from trade, so the predecessor of the revitalization of the tool tool factory was established.After the factory was built, the next step was to import equipment into the factory, but at this time, it encountered a financial problem.The original early investment consumed too much money, equipment purchase a funding gap, which let Meng Qingdeng temporarily some at a loss.After pondering, Meng Qingdeng decided to loan.Powerful tool for building The hedong had not yet been built area, only the urban credit cooperatives financial institutions (ji) bank and rural credit cooperatives, because the city credit cooperatives support many steel market and hardware market merchants, there is quite a reputation among businesses and private business owners, Meng Qingdeng is familiar on urban credit cooperatives, then Meng Qingdeng find the door.After understanding Meng Qingdeng’s demand, based on the understanding and trust of Meng Qingdeng, the city credit Cooperative approved Meng Qingdeng’s loan, not two days later, Meng Qingdeng got a loan of 200,000 yuan.With the loan of 200,000 yuan, the equipment entered the factory smoothly and the production began to get on the right track.In 2000, with the increasing scale of Meng Qingdeng’s production, the original factory is difficult to meet the production requirements, Meng Qingdeng began to plan to build a new factory – people’s Street factory, which is the third strong factory.The new factory has more than 40 acres of land, and there is a capital gap of more than 10 million yuan for the construction and equipment of the factory. After understanding the difficulties of the enterprise, Linshang Bank sent a special person in charge to zhejiang together with Meng Qingdeng for an investigation, and a feasibility report was formed after a comprehensive understanding of the situation of all parties. In less than half a month, Meng Qingdeng got a loan of 8 million yuan from Linshang Bank.The loan provided a timely boost to the development of powerful instruments.In 2012, with the upgrade of products, Strong tools urgently need to transform and upgrade to achieve new improvement.At this time, linshang bank, again accompanied the enterprise to go out to investigate, demonstration, to help enterprises to further determine the next development direction and required equipment, and for the strong loan 30 million yuan, to meet the strong from the land to build a factory to equipment into the factory needs.The 30 million yuan loan has been supporting the continuous and sustainable development of the enterprise.Meng Qingdeng told reporters that powerful tools after four factory relocation, and the four factory turning behind, each time can not leave linshang bank firm support.From the initial 200,000 yuan, to the second factory 600,000 yuan, and then to the third factory 8 million yuan, all the way to the present 30 million yuan, Linshang Bank’s support is increasing step by step, qiangsheng Tool is just like the company’s name, step by step to become stronger and more prosperous.Meng Qingdeng (middle) introducing enterprise products “I have always said that Linshang Bank is our ‘old employer’, not only me, many of our private enterprises and market merchants in Hedong are supported by Linshang Bank step by step, it can be said that without Linshang Bank, there would be no many of our enterprises today.”Meng Qingdeng said, and linshang bank cooperation for 20 or 30 years, the real experience of a bank enterprise feeling.As early as nine years, Linshang Bank began the bank-enterprise sodality activities, basically in Linyi’s financial system opened a precedent.At that time, as the president of beipian Sodality, he often organized members and Linshang Bank to open sodality together, and went to Rizhao, Pingyi and other places to socialize together, contact feelings, real affinity.So many years of cooperation, Meng Qingdeng also became the most loyal partner of Linshang Bank.He told the reporters, initially only when he and ji ji bank cooperation, later after the building of the area of many financial institutions began to hedong, he insisted on and ji bank cooperation, now basically has realized the all-round cooperation, in addition to the loan business, powerful tool of payroll, daily business settlement and settlement of international business all in ji bank,This also makes powerful tools and linshang bank closer to each other.As Meng Qingdeng said, as the people of Linyi’s own bank, Linshang Bank has witnessed the growth of many enterprises like Mighty Tools.Linshang Bank Hedong Sub-branch Vice president Sun Shengjiang told reporters that in the future, Linshang Bank will further strengthen business cooperation with enterprises, increase the support for enterprises, improve the efficiency of loans, rich product allocation, so that the development of enterprises have no worries, to achieve common development and win-win cooperation between banks and enterprises.At the same time, Linshang Bank will continue to support the real economy as its own responsibility, firmly grasp the market positioning of “serving the local, serving small and medium-sized, serving the public”, focus on solving the financing difficulties of enterprises, and strive to become the main force to boost the development of the local real economy.(Authors: Wang Quanwen, Tang Ting)