The 14th Five-year Plan for Urban and Rural Living Environment of Sichuan Province was published and improved the 15-minute living circle of communities

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During the “14th Five-year Plan”, the utilization rate of reclaimed water in cities lacking water shall reach 25%, and the coverage rate of barrier-free facilities in urban public space shall reach 65%.The 14th Five-year Plan for Urban and Rural Living Environment of Sichuan Province (hereinafter referred to as the Plan) was published recently.According to the plan, by 2025, the living environment in urban and rural areas will be significantly improved, and the construction of urban ecological environment and beautiful countryside will be promoted in an all-round way, achieving remarkable results and helping to build a “beautiful Sichuan”.How will Sichuan build its urban and rural living environment in the next five years?Planning provides the answer.Improve the quality of urban living Environment “The Plan clearly takes creating a good urban living environment as the main development goal.”Province in the relevant person in charge of building hall said, “the plan” put forward, in the aspect of improve the quality of urban human settlements environment in sichuan, will vigorously implement the urban renewal action, to promote construction of park city, perfecting the urban functions make up infrastructure, green low carbon demonstration to carry out the urban and rural construction areas, efforts to build the city into a harmonious coexistence of man and nature beauty to their homes.Specific objectives and tasks are determined: during the 14th Five-year Plan period, the province will basically complete the transformation tasks of the old residential areas built before the end of 2000.We will protect historical culture and local characteristics, inherit the historical context of urban and rural areas, complete surveying, mapping and filing of historic buildings, and add a number of new historic and cultural blocks.In cities short of water, the utilization rate of reclaimed water reached 25 percent, and the coverage rate of barrier-free facilities in urban public space reached 65 percent.The overall urban green space has been improved, the green space system and the park system have been further improved, and the quality of landscaping has been greatly improved.The Plan clearly proposes to improve the 15-minute living circle service.We will promote the establishment of walking and cycling networks in residential communities, connect several residential communities, coordinate supporting urban facilities such as primary and secondary schools and nursing homes, and gradually improve a network of community service facilities supported by comprehensive community service facilities, supplemented by special service facilities, supported by service outlets and supported by community information platforms.How to build livable and beautiful villages in Sichuan during the 14th Five-year Plan period?The plan makes it clear that it will build a development pattern of mutual prosperity between urban and rural areas, accelerate the connectivity of infrastructure between urban and rural areas, improve the equalization of public services, improve the carrying capacity of county seats, promote the construction of “beautiful villages”, and promote clean, neat and comfortable villages.”Central town is the future direction of the development of small towns in Sichuan, and also the main battlefield of the second half of the article on the adjustment and reform of township administrative divisions in our province.”Related person in charge of the provincial Department of Housing and Construction said that Sichuan will firmly hold the “central town” this ox nose, multiple measures, convergence to promote the development of the central town, with the rise of the central town to lead the high-quality development of small towns in the province.According to the plan, during the 14th Five-year Plan period, Sichuan province will cultivate and create 100 provincial-level hundred central towns with “developed economy, complete supporting facilities, beautiful environment, profound culture, perfect governance and extensive radiation”.At the same time, it will also promote the development of qualified provincial top 100 central towns into county sub-centers and modern new small cities.It is an important part of the Plan to focus on solving the housing problems of new citizens and other groups, focusing on people’s livelihood and promoting the improvement of the province’s living environment.According to the plan, during the 14th Five-Year Plan period, Sichuan will accelerate the improvement of the housing security system with public rental housing, indemnificatory rental housing and jointly owned housing as the main body, promote the convenience of indemnificatory housing in Sichuan and Chongqing, vigorously implement the renovation of old residential areas, promote the construction of modern livable agricultural houses, and comprehensively improve the living quality of the people.Among them, the housing problem of new citizens and other groups was highlighted.”Planning” clear, during the period of “difference”, sichuan will speed up the establishment of a multi-agent supply and multi-channel security, hire purchase housing system, strive for the province of affordable rental housing coverage new citizens and the young man reached more than 10%, new residential area property management coverage reached 100%, housing accumulation fund capture puts the number reaches more than 8.25 million people.(Reporter Zhang Minghai) Statement: Reprint this article is for the purpose of passing more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: