The SUNS are no. 1 and the Nets no. 9 in the NEW NBA standings

2022-09-14 0 By

The Phoenix SUNS are first, the Grizzlies second, the Warriors third, the Bucks fourth, the 76ers fifth and the Heat sixth, while the Nets are ninth and the Lakers 18th, according to the new NBA rankings released on January 25.The reason the Warriors are no. 3 is obvious: Curry is off his game, dragging the team down.If the Warriors don’t get in shape, especially Curry, they’re not going to make much progress in the playoffs.Then there’s the SUNS, who are better overall, but have less chance of winning the Eastern Conference than the healthy Lakers.Of course, this list is officially compiled by the NBA, and the numbers are better understood than the fans. The list only evaluates teams’ relative strength over a short period of time, which can change at any time.It doesn’t say much because NBA tactics change so quickly.The Heat went to no. 1 in the Eastern Conference this season, and they did so after a long period of serious roster dysfunction, but the sixth-place finish is a bit of a mystery.Of course, no matter how to arrange this year, the Sun, warriors, nets hope is not very big, of course, also depends on the late performance and playoff results, I hope not to let the fans disappointed.