50 m brick chimney new company

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I. Project introduction: According to the data provided by the owner and the on-site observation of the factory’s technical personnel, the main construction body of the new 50-meter brick chimney project is 32m and 28m high brick chimney, with a long running time and many cracks in the middle of the main part of the chimney.In order to ensure the safety of the industrial equipment and the normal operation of the owner’s production, the chimney must be repaired and reinforced at present.According to the current situation of the chimney, it is not good to reinforce the crack in the middle of the chimney simply by tying the belt.According to the company’s years of similar engineering construction experience and similar engineering users visit, the company believes that only in the entire chimney wall tie tie belt, the reinforcement can ensure the safety of the chimney operation.Two, construction requirements: 2.Reinforcement of outer wall of new chimney of 150m brick chimney: use -60×6 flat iron to reinforce outer wall of chimney with wrap hoop (1 channel /50cm, plus 6 vertical bars, the wrap hoop and the vertical bars are welded accordingly) to prevent the crack of chimney from further increasing.2.2. Inspection and replacement of chimney lightning protection facilities: check the top lightning rod and lightning protection line, and replace the damaged part if found;2.3 Anti-corrosion of steel components such as chimney and ladder (alkyd mixed paint, etc.) : First of all, rust removal (knock once to fall off dust and rust spots, steel wire brush brush again, iron emery cloth friction again);Secondly, check whether there is damage, welding part, there is repair for the damaged part, welding part;Next, brush primer once and finish twice.4. Repair of chimney top: remove the loose and corroded part of chimney top and repair it with cement mortar.Three, 50 meters brick chimney new construction technical measures: this project adopts “no scaffolding”, “high suspension” special operation technology for construction.3.1 The project adopts the construction operation of high-altitude suspension movable pedestal type climbing board, with φ25 steel made of “S” shaped steel hook in the top of the chimney according to the equal part of the fixed tight, in the” S” shaped steel hook on the pulley and then use a φ18m/m white brown rope through the pulley and in a fixed position anchor, the other end of the white brown rope fixed a “U” shaped riveting lock,Movable pedestal type climbing board is fixed on the “U” shaped riveting lock, and the construction personnel operate the movable pedestal type climbing board from top to bottom.3.2 During construction, the construction materials used shall be pulled up and down to the specified height by special personnel through the brown rope suspended separately.