A1286 Apple notebook which year

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A1286 is the mold number, which only represents the appearance of a MacBook, not the date it was made.All I can tell you is it must have been 12 or 12 years ago.What it looks like: It’s made of solid, beautiful materials like aluminum and glass, and comes with the latest technology — a powerful processor, advanced graphics, and fast memory.It has a lot of features that the PC doesn’t have.The Mac was designed to be a better computer, from the look and feel of it.The Mac is designed to last long and run efficiently.Features: Every Mac has built-in features designed specifically for people with disabilities.Full-featured screen readers, text chat and video conferencing, plug-and-play braille display support, recording and sharing gesture language information, and automating daily tasks.MB226CH/A, the configuration and MB986CH/A is just A little bigger, suitable for professional use, such as doing design.There are two macBookAir series, which are ultra-thin with flat configuration and relatively high price. The highlight is the appearance and design, but the cost performance is not high.