Acoustic tube specification size weight gauge

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The weight table of acoustic measuring tube specifications and dimensions is as follows: unit weight calculation formula (unit: kg/unit) (outer diameter – wall thickness) * wall thickness *0.02466, where the outer diameter refers to the outer circumferential diameter of pile acoustic measuring tube;The wall thickness is the difference between the outer diameter and the inner diameter.(outer diameter – wall thickness) is actually the average of the inner and outer diameter of the circle, which is multiplied by PI (3.1415926) to get the perimeter, which is multiplied by the wall thickness to get the area of a section, which is multiplied by 1 meter (1000mm) to get the adjusted volume.If the volume is multiplied by the density of 7.85, it is the weight of one meter. In fact, 0.0246615 is the result of 3.1415926 PI multiplied by the density of 7.85 and divided by 1000. If you don’t mind, the formula can also be written in the following form to calculate the unit weight:(Diameter – wall thickness) *3.1415926* Wall thickness /1000*7.85 Actually these two units of weight are calculated the same!^_^ just see you understand!Another paper only provides a pile acoustic measurement tube unit weight calculation method!