After Li Shimin killed Li Jiancheng with an arrow, Li Yuanji strangled his neck with a bow

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In 626, In front of xuanwu Gate, Li Shimin killed his eldest brother Li Jiancheng with an arrow.Li Yuanji was so startled that he shook and fought back, but failed to pull his bow three times.At this time, Li Shimin’s horse was suddenly startled and threw it down.Lee quickly lunged at him and strangled him with his bow.At the moment of life and death, Yuchi gong gallop to beat back Li Yuanji, and then, another arrow shot him dead!Xuanwu Gate change, thrilling and cruel, the fate of the Tang dynasty also changed.Then the question came. Why were prince Li Jiancheng and King Li Yuanji unprepared for such a cruel struggle?It starts the day before the coup!On that day, Superwhite Venus appeared in broad daylight at noon due south.Someone tipped off: “This celestial sign means the king of Qin is going to take over the world.”Li Yuan was surprised and hurried li Shimin, the king of Xuanqin, into the palace.After entering the palace, Li Yuan took the letter and asked Li Shimin, “How do you explain it?”Li Shimin grievance way: “son minister what also did not do!It’s my brother and brother who want me dead.Besides, they even got through to the harem.Father emperor, you know, your Zhang Jieyu has long been their people!”Sky green hat, Li Yuan be frightened and change color!And so he thought.No wonder, every time he mentioned the prince, Zhang Jieyu followed praise.And he mentioned the King of Qin, Zhang Jieyu is said bad things about the King of Qin.Li Yuan thought more and more angry, said to Li Shimin: “Tomorrow, I personally interrogate this matter!”After Li Shimin left the palace, he shared the news with his cronies. They all agreed that this was an opportunity to ambush them at the Xuanwu Gate!Therefore, Li Shimin took the eldest sun Wuji, Yuchi Gong, Qin Qiong, Cheng Zhijie and others to ambush in advance in the woods near the Xuanwu gate.That night, Prince Li Jiancheng received a secret letter from Zhang Jieyu.Zhang Jieyu told him in advance that his Majesty would be summoned the next day!Li Jiancheng asked Li Yuanji, “What can we do about this?”Li Yuanji said, “Brother, I can’t explain this for a while. You’d better say you’re ill and wait for your father’s anger to dissipate before you explain.”But Li Jiancheng said, “No, we should go to see our father and explain ourselves earlier.”It was that decision that cost him his life.The next morning, Li Jiancheng and Li Won-gil went to The Taiji Palace where Li Yuan was staying. They came to the Xuanmu Gate, which was the only way they had to go.At this time, two people feel the atmosphere is wrong, want to turn back.Who knows, not far away came the voice of Li Shimin.When 2 people turn head, Li Shimin shot dead Li Jiancheng!Li yuanji couldn’t believe it, but still fought back.Three times he pulled the bow, and three times he failed.At this time, Li Shimin’s horse suddenly startled and left him in the woods beside the Xuanwu gate.Li Yuanji took the opportunity to pounce and strangled Li Shimin’s neck with his bowstring.Critical moment, Yuchi gong came to support, jumped from his horse, beat Back Li Yuanji.Li Yuanji ran and wanted to go to the taiji temple to inform li Yuan.At this time, Yuchi kyong galloping horse will catch up with him, shot him dead!In this way, Li Jiancheng and Li Yuanji both died, Li Shimin won the victory.In this coup, one person played a decisive role, that is xuanwu Gate implementation of the praetorial commander Chang he.Prince Li Jiancheng always thought he was his henchman, always thought xuanwu gate is the safest.Unexpectedly, that often on the surface for the prince’s cronies, but in fact it is Li Shimin’s people.It is he, with the generals of the Qin Palace ambush, to help them succeed.It was he who made the prince and the king of Qi unprepared!But even so, in the xuanwu Gate rebellion, Li Shimin’s victory was accidental.Imagine if Li Jiancheng really followed Li Yuanji’s advice and said he was ill.Then, the people hiding in the forest next to the Xuanwu Gate will probably be exposed.In time, they will become rebels, guilty of insurrection.In addition, after the death of the prince and the king of Qi, their subordinates were not vegetarians.At that time, Feng Li, one of Li Jiancheng’s subordinates, gathered two thousand men from the East Palace and the Qi palace and rushed to xuanwu Gate to avenge the enemy.When they reached xuanwu Gate, they wiped out the garrison troops led by General Jing Junhong under General Yunhui of Li Shimin.At this time, Xue Wanche prepared to take people to attack the Palace of Qin.You know, there were only women, children and relatives left in the Qin palace.At the critical moment, Yuchi Kyo again performed a miracle.He cut off the heads of the prince and the king of Qi and threw them to their subordinates.When the crowd saw the head of their Lord, they suddenly lost their desire to fight.They clearly understand that the prince and the king of Qi really passed away.If they continue to attack, they will become rebels.After all, it was the future emperor they were fighting, and their own deaths were trivial, and their families and clansmen would suffer.Therefore, Feng Li, Xue Wanche and others have given up.So far, Li Shimin one party obtained absolute victory.After the coup, Yuchi Kyong arrived in front of Li Yuan wearing armor and holding a spear.Li Yuan saw him murderous, vaguely guessed the coup.Li Yuan asked, “Who is stirring up trouble today?What are you doing here?”Yuchi Gong replied, “The crown prince and the king of Qi conspired, and the king of Qin killed both of them.I am only here to protect your Majesty!”Li Yuan did not want to accept such a thing, but now that it is over, everything is done.He asked Pei Ji and others: “What should I do if this happened today?”Xiao Yu and Chen Shuda replied, “The crown prince has no success with the king of Qi and is jealous of the king of Qin.Now the king of Qin has killed them.Your Majesty should appoint the King of Qin crown prince.”Li Yuan said, “Good!It has always been my wish!”Then Li Yuan issued a royal edict, ordering the coup army to obey the king of Qin.After the imperial decree was announced, the crown prince and the soldiers under the king of Qi were scattered without any resistance.At this point, xuanwu gate change, Li Shimin achieved a complete victory!When the coup was over, he went to Li Yuan, knelt on his father’s chest and wept bitterly.Things have come to this point, Li Yuan had to accept this result!At the time of xuanwu Gate’s change, Li Shimin was only 27 years old, but he dared to gamble on everything to get a good jiangshan for himself.The struggle for imperial power was brutal. It was one or the other.If Li Shimin did not launch a coup, when his elder brother Li Jiancheng came to power, his end would not be good.The struggle for imperial power was cruel, but Li Shimin created the prosperous Tang dynasty in the future and benefited the people!