Barcelona have their eye on Dricht, who was passed over a few years ago, and are now bidding again

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According to Barca sports (top 5 leagues, Champions League, World Cup, etc.) data, barca may not have the money to spend in the transfer market, but they are making big moves in the transfer market.Now they are involved in a deal for dricht, who is believed to be worth at least 90 million euros. It is not clear if Barcelona would have the money to bring him to the club.In fact, Barcelona made a bid for Dricht three years ago.At that time, Juventus were the eventual winners of the transfer.He has also been a key player at Juventus, but now he has started to decline in this year’s competition, and Juventus are expecting less of him, so there is a plan to sell him.Despite his age advantage, Juventus’ coaches believe that the veteran player they have used in the past has made fewer mistakes than Dricht, according to figures from Babo Sport (five leagues, Champions League, World Cup, etc.).Although barca are keen on Dricht, they also face stiff competition from Chelsea and Bayern Munich.As for Derrickter, Xavi is so impressed with his ability that he has been urging management to make every effort to buy him.If he arrives, he will be able to take over from Gerard pique, who is out of form, so coming to Barcelona is undoubtedly the best development for him personally.As for Dricht, his team now want him out of serie A, although juve will not reduce his transfer fee and they hope to recoup at least 80 million euros in his transfer fee.According to babo Sports (big five leagues, Champions League, World Cup, etc.), they spent so much energy on him in the first place that they wouldn’t give in.However, such a large transfer fee must be a concern for Barca, who are in a very tight financial position.And barca in order to be able to bring him, now also began to gradually clean up their own team some of the players that do not need.The hope is that they can be used in exchange for part of the transfer fee, so as to complete the acquisition of Dricht.As for Xavi, he now needs to continue to clear out some of the useless players in the squad, and many of them are already in the countdown to leave.For example, their team-mate Matteo Mingessa is currently at valencia and is close to finalising his signing.Although no official announcement has been made, there have been several rounds of negotiations over his transfer fee.Valencia’s bid has been rejected by Barca and they are now in talks with other sources.