Basic education is too good, academicians cluster strong technology, third-tier cities are endless charm

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There is a third-tier city in Sichuan province, whose basic education is second to none in the province, and which is rich in higher education resources, but lacks high-level universities.The city has perhaps the second highest concentration of academicians in China after Beijing, and its name, Mianyang, has long been controversial as to whether it is China’s “science city”.From an economic perspective, Mianyang’s GDP is only over 300 billion yuan, which is second only to Chengdu in the province, but its size is less than one fifth of That of Chengdu.But mianyang’s registered population is just over 5m, a little more than a third of Chengdu’s 15m, and its PER capita GDP is not bad, at 60% of Chengdu’s and lower than Panzhihua and Deyang.In terms of the average transaction price of residential houses in 2021, Chengdu is the only city in Sichuan province, with a price of more than 15,000 yuan per square meter.Mianyang ranked second with 7,500 yuan per square meter.Deyang, Meishan and Yibin cost more than 7,000 yuan.Generally speaking, mianyang’s housing price is acceptable, economic vitality is good, and the land is large and sparsely populated, so it is generally livable.Mianyang’s Nanjiao Airport is second only to Chengdu Shuangliu Airport in Sichuan province. Mianyang also has convenient roads and railways.In terms of highways, Cheng-Mian-Mian-Guangzhou Expressway, Mian-Sui Expressway and Cheng-Ba-Ba Expressway run through the whole territory. Guang-ping Expressway will be open to traffic in 2022, and Jiu-Mian-Guangxi Expressway is expected to be fully open to traffic in 2024.By rail, it takes less than an hour to travel from Mianyang station to Chengdu East Station by intercity railway.Because of this, many people work in Mianyang from Monday to Friday and go to Chengdu to eat and drink on weekends.Others work in Chengdu and live in Mianyang.Of course, mianyang’s advantages are not only economic and transportation, but also education.Which middle school in Sichuan province has the highest national popularity?Chengdu No.7 Middle School, of course.But do you know that Mianyang Middle School and Chengdu No.7 Middle School are basically the same grade of schools, they are the leader of the first group in the province.The full name of Chengdu No.7 Middle School is Chengdu No.7 Middle School, and the full name of Mianyang Middle School is Sichuan Mianyang Middle School.The other middle schools in the first group, No. 9 and No. 4 high schools in Chengdu and Dongchen and Nanshan high schools in Mianyang, are equally good.However, as I mentioned above, chengdu has a registered population of more than 15 million, while Mianyang has only 5 million. Given that there is little difference in the comprehensive strength of basic education, which city has more opportunities to obtain high-quality education resources?Basic education in Mianyang is very attractive. Many middle school students from neighboring cities come to mianyang to study, including a small number of repeat students.But at the same time, it is worth noting that mianyang’s higher education resources are not as rich as basic education.Southwest University of Science and Technology is the best university in Mianyang. There is only one university institution in mianyang. Other universities, such as Mianyang Normal University, Sichuan Institute of Culture and Art, Tianfu College of Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, and Mianyang City University, are all undergraduate institutions with college institution.Among these four universities, only Mianyang Normal University is a public ordinary undergraduate, the other three are private undergraduate colleges.In other words, universities in Mianyang are unable to retain the excellent graduates that mianyang has cultivated in the foundation stage.But if we look at the problem from another perspective, we will find that there are many master’s and doctoral students will go to Mianyang after graduation. Why is this?From the 1960s to the 1970s, China focused on strengthening national defense and carried out the construction of the strategic rear area, also known as the “three-line construction”.Mianyang is one of the most important research and industrial areas in southwest China.Here, there are all kinds of scientific research institutes and industrial facilities. At that time, Mianyang was mainly positioned for nuclear industry, aviation industry and electronics industry.Referring to the three industries in Mianyang, the first nuclear industry is the China Academy of Engineering Physics, which is China’s only nuclear weapons research and production unit listed in the National Scientific Research Plan. It originated from the Ninth Institute of Beijing established in 1958.Take a look at the first page of the column of “Science and technology talents” on its official website. How many of them are familiar to us?Aviation industry is to look at China aerodynamics research and development center and it was founded in 1968, is China’s only large, medium and small equipment, low speed, high speed and ultra-high speed cohesion, wind tunnel test, numerical calculation and model test flights three research means complete, aerodynamic forces, pneumatic heat, physical field, such as the broad aerodynamic test research center at the national level.The people who planned it were Qian Xuesen and Guo Yonghuai.Mention electronic industry, changhong these two words are certainly round but.Changhong, founded in 1958, was once the only production base of airborne fire control radar in China, and its military technology for civilian use had been going smoothly.In 2020, it ranked 115th on the Fortune China 500 with revenue of 88.8 billion yuan.According to the mianyang Science and Technology Bureau, there are 65 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Sciences stationed in Sichuan, 30 of whom are based in Mianyang.Mianyang wind tunnel cluster, Shenguang no. 3 main engine unit, China Mianyang Research Reactor, Dragon No. 1 Ultra-high Power Pulsed intense current accelerator and other large scientific installations add much luster to mianyang’s “science and technology” reputation.On the official website of Mianyang city, we can clearly see 10 characters on the right side of the first picture, “Birthplace of Li Bai, Science and technology City of China”. In many online posts, we often see the saying that Mianyang is “Science and technology city of China”.But strictly speaking, mianyang city cannot be equated with “China science and technology City”.In 2000, the state decided to build a science and technology city, with 13 ministries and commissions including the Ministry of Science and Technology and the National Development and Reform Commission forming a coordination group.In 2001, mianyang Science and Technology City Development Program was approved.In 2007, Sichuan province approved the establishment of China (Mianyang) Science and Technology City Party Working Committee, management committee.In a series of official replies, opinions and other documents, the words “China science and technology City” are not used together. Some are the words “Mianyang Science and technology City” and “China (Mianyang) Science and Technology City”.Do not look down on this small parentheses and parentheses in the “mianyang” two words, the phrase has no these two words, the meaning of a great difference.In a word, Mianyang has developed economy, convenient transportation, strong basic education, higher education to be strengthened, and strong sense of science and technology in industrial structure. However, the title of “China’s Science and Technology City” is still controversial.What’s your comment on Mianyang?Are you optimistic about its future development in a period of time?Let’s chat in the comments section.The breeze is not dry, the sun is just, you like the wind through here, may you stay for a moment warm and comfortable.Original is not easy, look forward to your likes and forwarding.# Mianyang Headlines