Do you remember, Starling the Dog?

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38 times now or never?”It just seems so unfair.””It’s the other racers’ fault,” Zhu said.”If it’s someone else’s fault,” She replied, “then it’s my fault to drive into a vulnerable position.”There is no point in blaming another racer for a single accident.That’s what I’ve often heard Aurantin say.As a racer, you always have to watch the racers around you, find out their skill level and mental quality, and then play with them.You have to figure out who’s closest to you!Any problems that may arise are ultimately self-inflicted, because you must take full responsibility for where you are and what you are doing.In any case, no matter right or wrong, I feel very sorry, Mi meng feel very sorry, Zhu Yuer feel very sorry, I feel very sorry.We were so close, so close, so close.We all smell it.It smells like a whole roast pig.Everyone likes it very much.But what’s worse is smelling it and not being able to enjoy it, or not being able to smell it.It’s very hot and dry in August.The grass all around turned brown, and some of it even died.She is counting.By his reckoning, a top 10 finish this season or a place in this year’s finals is still possible.Either result would guarantee him a ticket for next year.We sat on the porch, the setting sun still warm.The smell of Her fresh oatmeal wafted from the kitchen.Mi Meng is playing after the sprinkler.Fai Zhen is gently massaging Zhu Yuer’s hand.I’ve been lying on the floor dreaming in a fool’s paradise, trying my best to absorb the heat around me in the hope that it will ease me through this winter, the cold, the gloom, the snow, as the present heat has promised.”Maybe it won’t be so bad.”Zhu yuer said.”What’s going to happen is going to happen.”She told her.”But when I’m ovulating, you never come back.””Come with me next week.Mimo will love it.We have a pool there.She loves this kind of place.You can come to the track and experience our race.””I can’t go to the track.”Chu replied, “At least not now.I mean, I would love to, and I would love to, but lately I don’t feel right, you know?I’m scared.It’s too loud on the track, and it’s hot, and it smells like rubber.This will make me……I might overreact.”Matron smiled and let out a long sigh.Zhu yuer also forced a smile.”Do you understand?Zhu yuer asked.”I see.”She replied.I got it, too. Everything about the track, the sounds, the smells, everything.As soon as you walk into the stadium, you will feel the heat wave coming from the engine.When the referee announced the start of the race, all the cars began to scramble frantically.Look at this and imagine all the possible scenarios as they disappear across the field, and then they come back to the start in a completely different order, turning, drifting, dodging, until they start the second lap again.All this is stirring excitement.Fai and I loved it.It’s like our life.But I know that what makes us passionate is deadly to some people, especially Jade Chu…If you want to know what happens next, listen next time.