In many ways, BYD passenger car sales are still hot in January, 95180 stunned everyone

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On the third day of the New Year, while everyone was still visiting family and friends, BYD quietly released its passenger car sales figures for January.But this low-key or sharp-eyed car fans see, from the data, it is not difficult to see that BYD’s sales momentum is still fast: in January, the whole passenger car sales of 95,180 units, up 126.1% year on year.Among them, 92,926 new energy passenger vehicles were sold, up 367.6% year on year.Pure electricity, hybrid hand in hand, dominate the new energy “brother” new energy segmentation field, BYD fully based on China’s national conditions, fit the majority of consumers’ car demand.Continue to adhere to the EV pure electric, DM hybrid “two legs, step together” strategic layout.In the domestic new energy field to “pure electricity” technology route, BYD with the help of deep technology precipitation, in the pure electricity market continued to power.Sales volume in January was 46,386, up 220.7% year on year.At the same time, BYD has not ignored the demand of some consumers for plug-in hybrid models.Dm-i focuses on “electric”, gives consideration to both range and power, ADAPTS to diversified vehicle scenarios, and breaks the monopoly position of joint venture vehicles in the hybrid field.Driven by dM-I super hybrid technology, BYD’s DM model sold 46,540 units in January, up 760.6 percent year on year.And with EV pure electric models to form a strong competition barriers, long-term dominance of the independent new energy market “first brother”.In the November global new energy vehicle SALES list published by EV SALES/EV VOLUMES, BYD DM model and EV model occupied two seats respectively.PLUS QIN DM-I and PLUS Song DM-I ranked fourth and fifth, PLUS Qin EV and Han EV ranked eighth and ninth respectively.Visible in addition to the domestic market, BYD new energy has long been famous overseas.Flagship strength to break out, the sales of both Han and Tang dynasty flagship model — Han, the sales continued the consistent strong trend, the sales of 12,780 units in January, five consecutive months to achieve sales of more than ten thousand.As an independent brand of medium and large sedans with an average transaction price of over 250,000 yuan and positioning as medium and high end, Han continuously breaks the industry ceiling and redefines the luxury pattern in the Chinese market.And in the December sales data released by the Passenger Association, BYD Han with 13701 sales, ranked the second place in the Chinese market of large and medium-sized car sales list, is the Chinese auto market is the only one can face up to the German BBA luxury luxury brand in the large and medium-sized car, break the joint venture brand in the level of the market encirclings.The performance is also remarkable, and the flagship model of the Dynasty car series, the new Generation Tang, January sales as high as 9,060.Full of blood hanging, fully shows a new generation of Tang’s strong product power.Among them, the sales volume of the new-generation Tang DM reached 8,847, with a year-on-year growth of 481.3%.Tang DM-I model, featuring large space, high driving quality and high intelligence, has become the main force of sales growth of Tang family.Fully meet users’ demand for ultra-low fuel consumption and ultra-long endurance, firmly lock the top camp position in the SUV market of more than 200,000.In addition to flagship models, the sales performance of segmented models in January is also very bright.The sales volume of QIN PLUS DM-I and Qin PLUS EV was 18450 and 7086, respectively.Driven by Qin PLUS DM-I and Qin PLUS EV, Qin Family’s sales volume reached 26,542 in January.It is worth mentioning that for A long time, the domestic a-class car market competition can be said to be very fierce.Byd Qin PLUS has been ranked among the top three in China’s a-class car sales list for two consecutive months, breaking the long-term monopoly of joint venture cars in the market.Since its listing in March last year, Qin PLUS, with its full understanding of market demand and strong product strength, has successively won many industry honors: Monthly sales crown of A-class new energy car, monthly sales crown of A-class pure electric car, best New energy model of the year and so on.With the support of dM-I and other black technologies, the sales volume of Song Family reached 22,449 in January, among which, SONG DM achieved sales of 16,411, up 2719.8% year on year.Previously, Song PLUS DM-I has won the national plug-in hybrid model on the number of risks champion in two months.The Song Pro DM-I, which was just released at the end of last year, received nearly 20,000 orders on its first day of pre-sale.After the launch of Song Pro DM-I, it will further enrich song model system and promote song sales to a higher level.As the first mass-produced model of E platform 3.0, dolphin, with the characteristics of high appearance level, large space and low energy consumption, has been rising in sales since its launch. After the sales volume broke 10,000 in December last year, it broke the record again in January, with 10,602 units sold in a single month.Yuan Pro sold 6596 units in January, continuing the strong sales growth trend in the previous year, occupying the mainstream position in the domestic small SUV market.New Year’s Day just opened the pre-sale of yuan PLUS, the current pre-sale orders have broken ten thousand.It is believed that the launch of The Won PLUS will further strengthen the product strength of the Won family and launch an attack on the A-class SUV market.In 2021, under the general environment of “lack of core” in the auto industry, BYD auto sales still achieved a leap-forward growth.In the first month of 2022, BYD auto sales achieved another good performance, achieving a perfect “good start”.Under the promotion of Han and Tang flagship models, the unit price of BYD passenger cars has broken the 150,000 yuan mark, becoming the benchmark of independent new energy brand and even independent brand, realizing steady growth of sales and unit price of passenger, establishing brand confidence and pushing the brand forward.At the same time, consumers, industry recognition of BYD is also gradually improving.Byd has topped the list of China’s top 500 global Brand Value brands for 2022 released by Brand Finance, highlighting byd’s dominant position in the industry and leading the transformation of the global automotive industry.At present, the future trend of the development of the automobile industry cannot be avoided: low-carbon, green, sustainable development, the development of new energy vehicles, not to mention the feature of “oil retreat and electricity enter”.As a leading brand of new energy vehicles, BYD is naturally to comply with national policies and the trend of The Times, give full play to its advantages in the field of new energy, continue to bring more surprises to car friends.