It’s China’s turn!The first fine for the year of the Tiger has been issued to the United States, sparking a global debate

2022-09-15 0 By

For a long time, the United States government has spared no effort to woo its Allies and other countries to suppress China’s military, science and technology and many other fields, in the economic and trade field of China’s attack has not stopped.In the past period of time, the US government has been stigmatizing China with “endangering national security”, “stealing secrets” and “debt trap”, in a vain attempt to hit China’s economic development and obstruct China’s trade with other countries.The United States government’s ugly practices let the public see the true face of the United States, and the tide turns, after the United States tried to hit China, China has also taken countermeasures, and recently issued the first fine in the year of the Tiger.On January 26, 2022, the World Trade Organization (WTO) Arbitral Tribunal issued a ruling on the WTO dispute between China and the United States over anti-subsidy measures, CCTV news reported, citing the Ministry of Commerce.According to the ruling, China can impose $645 million a year in trade retaliation against the US for its failure to comply with the WTO ruling, the report said.The winning result of the case is of great significance for correcting the US’s illegal countervailing practices, safeguarding the legitimate trade interests of Chinese enterprises and safeguarding the multilateral trading system.For years, relying on its position as the world’s hegemon, the United States has used its hegemony unscrupulously in the international arena, targeting other countries and infringing on their interests.The unreasonable behavior of the United States has caused a lot of complaints and dissatisfaction. Therefore, after the news of China’s annual trade retaliation of $645 million against the United States in the field of goods in the future, the international community immediately exploded. Many melon fans even said: “It is very happy, the United States also has today.”This is the second time to pay attention to the amount of trade retaliation against the United States, in fact, in recent years, with the overall improvement of China’s comprehensive strength and influence, China in the face of the United States unreasonable suppression and targeting, has also had the confidence to fight back.Relevant sources pointed out that China had received trade retaliation from the United States before the WTO ruling on China’s $645 million trade retaliation against the Us.It is reported that this case is the second time that China has obtained trade retaliation against the United States in the WTO. Previously, China had sued the United States for anti-dumping measures. In the WTO dispute case, China finally obtained annual trade retaliation against the United States of $3.579 billion.It is worth mentioning that China’s Ministry of Commerce has already issued a warning against the US ‘unreasonable attack on the economic and trade field.The spokesperson of China’s Ministry of Commerce once pointed out that the US side has seriously deviated from market-oriented principles, harmed the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese enterprises and consumers including US users, and undermined the normal international economic and trade order. China is firmly opposed to this.The US should immediately stop its unreasonable suppression of Chinese companies and give fair treatment to Chinese companies that invest and operate in the US.China will take necessary measures to resolutely safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese companies.