Listen to the stories of their elders, feel the hardship of their lives

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Only through suffering can we understand the meaning of life.Home New Year, and the elders drink and a chat is a great thing, “zodiac” said some of the suffering elders childhood story, big scene, “tell us where fortune is” just “wild vegetables dumplings” replaced by white big steamed buns, “wild vegetables soup into beef, mutton soup, soup once elders to see once a year of animal products, become a banquet to avoid something,Become a synonym for negative health.On the 26th night of the twelfth lunar month, I had a drink with my uncle and talked about his childhood again.At that time a period of hard years, famine, my grandparents could not afford a large family life needs, so uncle grew up with my grandfather, grandmother.At that time, there was only one school, 5 or 6 miles east of my village, the winter morning was very cold, only a bowl of porridge for breakfast, from the old times, only a pair of my grandmother’s own patchwork bottom, very thick, very warm.Hearing uncle said here, I naturally thought it would be a warm story, but the reality does not allow you to hide in the warm story.Wear your shoes to school in the morning, and by noon it’s warm and the snow has melted, and that’s a big problem.At that time the school is no matter rice, home is no surplus grain to bring rice to my uncle, must run home at noon to drink a bowl of porridge thicker than the morning.The road at that stage will not be cement road between villages, asphalt road between cities, all mud road, like “yellow soup” when it rains, water everywhere, muddy.Big grandma na’s thousand layer bottom nature is also not willing to wear, on the one hand is not convenient to walk, in the mud, shoes stuck in pull not out, on the other hand, Yin permeated the water, stained with mud let a person feel distressed.How can I get home?Ran home in bare feet.Yes, it means running home barefoot, not only don’t feel cold, stepping in the mud and warm feeling.All the way back, thinking of the bowl of hot porridge, sweating, breathing, not worrying about the winter cold will hurt the body.Looking back, each era is a time of sorrow, and each era is a time of hope.It’s just that when my uncle was a kid, it was a time of recovery, a time of struggle for food.In my parents’ generation, there are two uncle had nearly died of starvation, save their is not a nutrient solution, nor broth, is usually a bowl with a few of the grain of the “big rice water”, bit by bit to fill in, is not feed, feed each other and have the capacity of diet, and was hungry to a certain extent, can only be filled in.It is under such difficult circumstances that a generation of the most powerful people, the most dynamic people, the most dynamic villages and farmers have been raised.I often ask myself if I would have survived if I had been born then, and the answer is often no.With the circumstances of my present life, I have no power to contend with the old times, which comes from suffering as well as from spirit.And only in listening, we feel the thick of history;In listening, do not forget the hardships of our fathers.Life is not accomplished overnight. The new era is full of opportunities as well as challenges. Sometimes, stop and slow down to exercise your body and temper your will with your past wisdom and understanding.Finally, we are the free generation and the pompous generation, but a single spark can start a prairie fire. There is a fire that burns in our hearts and in our blood.