New progress!A breakthrough was made in the expropriation and demolition of the extended section of the Guihuang-Guizhou expressway

2022-09-15 0 By

The reporter learned from Guiyang City Development Group that since the land expropriation and demolition work of the Guiyang-Huangping expressway extension started on January 10, 2022, up to now, the total land measurement within the Guiyang-Huangping expressway extension red line is 680 mu, with a completion rate of 70%.The house survey and mapping of 11,500 square meters (34 households), the completion rate of 100%.Guiyang-yellow Highway Extension project road length 8.331 km, two-way 8 lanes, design speed of 80 km/h, integral roadbed width 39.5 meters.The relocation volume is large, with a total of 970 mu of construction land within the red line, involving the demolition of about 34 houses.Land requisition and demolition, as the foundation and advance work of project construction, is the key link of accelerating project construction.In order to effectively promote the expropriation and demolition of construction land for the extension section of Guiyang-Huangdao Expressway and ensure sufficient construction land for project construction and production, the project company pays close attention to the target tasks of expropriation and demolition work, makes a period plan for expropriation and demolition, details the division of tasks, and makes solid progress in the task under multi-party cooperation.Huang highway extension project is in guiyang, guiyang to huang ping highway extension, in nanming district yongle township Feng Jiazhuang road, slope and the highway-ring around has built in guiyang, pointed to a small blue cross section in the “ten” word hubs, and brought them under construction in guiyang to huang highway, check in wudang district dongfeng town bay, linking Beijing east road extension.The project has been included in The “Guizhou Expressway Network Planning (Encryption Planning)” and is one of the key implementation projects of the transportation development planning of Guizhou Province. After completion, it will become the most convenient exit channel in eastern Guiyang.In the next step, the Guihuang-Guizhou Expressway Extension Project Office will continue to actively cooperate closely with headquarters at all levels to implement precise land acquisition based on the construction of the project. It plans to complete the measurement of construction land within the red line of the project before the end of February to provide a strong early-stage guarantee for the project construction.Reporter: Yang Longman Correspondent: Bai Chao