Our county held a TV and telephone conference on safety supervision of hydropower station

2022-09-15 0 By

Recently, the county held a TV and telephone conference on the safety supervision of hydropower station. Wei Jiangze, the standing Committee member of the County Committee and executive Deputy Head of the county, presided over the meeting and made a speech. The heads of the departments of development and reform, emergency management and water conservancy of the county attended the meeting in the main venue, and the main heads and leaders in charge of each township (town) attended the meeting in the sub-venue through video.The meeting communicate learning committee sixth unfairness and provincial committee of the State Council unfairness to the steering instructions spirit, focus around for hydropower station to supervise feedback problems, “three tube must be in strict accordance with the requirements, continue to pay special attention to the county hydropower station safety management work, I will arrange for hydropower station safety supervision work, to deploy again.Meeting requirements, various departments at all levels should further improve the political stance, change the style of work, consciously, highlight the safe production in the position to grasp reality extremely serious and responsible attitude fine hydropower station management, gaze at the prison in the field of all kinds of major risks and hidden trouble, resolute management, strictly control the rectification of the February, risk, security and stability work earnestly.Want to strictly supervise the implementation of enterprise production safety responsibility main body, the head of safe production in the first, as this unit should strengthen organization and leadership, by research, scheduling, inspection of production safety work in person, in charge of the leadership, safety personnel should be took seriously and responsible, and implement all measures to safety production and enhance the level of safety in production earnestly.County hair change, emergency departments should strengthen supervision guide, there are still loopholes, screening examination for responsibility system is not complete is not thorough and check not overseers, only do not change shall strictly on the tour, perfunctory, and so on and so forth, and pegged to the end of performance appraisal, safety supervision, strengthen hydropower station for the management of the county hydropower station.Reporter: Fan Shijiang editor: Zhang Hongmei Editor: Hu Xiao Final: Li Xinghong/Sang Jin