Rizhao: Solid performance of statutory responsibilities, courage to innovate and demonstrate responsibility

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Time flies, year after year.City since the 18th session of National People’s Congress at a meeting, the standing committee of the municipal people under the leadership of the communist party is strong, adhere to xi jinping, new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics as guidance, thoroughly implement the party’s nineteenth spirit and the 19th session of the previous session, closely around the city’s reform, development and stability, have the courage to bear, as actively, solid performance endowed by the constitution and the law’s authority,Better completed the NPC work tasks, for the realization of sunshine wonderful butterfly change played an important role.Strengthen mission responsibility, and strive to promote the sunshine practice of the NPC system.Xi jinping, general secretary of National People’s Congress standing committee firmly “four organs” orientation and requirements, adhere to the leadership of the party firmly in the highest political principles and work around the center, the service general situation and the main line, the major issues of the system planning legislation, supervision, decision and on behalf of all the work, establish 12 local laws,We will better translate the institutional strength of the NPC into governance efficiency.We will follow the new development philosophy and promote sustained and sound economic development, as well as economic transformation and upgrading.Standing committee to strengthen the economic operation of supervision, in accordance with the law in mid “much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning implementation” assessment and “difference” planning review, special reports, listen to the municipal government to carry out the inspection research and project inquiry, promote more large projects and good projects the ground work, helping business environment is optimized, support to promote national innovative city created,We helped build a high-level open and innovative platform, promoted international exchanges and cooperation on the Belt and Road Initiative, and deliberated and approved the province’s first regional collaborative legislation project.In accordance with the requirements of “full-caliber examination and whole-process supervision”, the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress established and implemented a series of systems and norms to improve budget management and fund use performance.We made a decision on strengthening oversight of the management of state-owned assets in accordance with the law, established a follow-up oversight mechanism for rectification and accountability, and worked to make budgetary review and oversight and oversight of state-owned assets more substantive.Positive response to the concerns of the people’s livelihood, the standing committee of the municipal people’s continuous attention and promote education, health care, pension services, the national fitness, the public culture in the areas of the masses of “distress sorrow look forward to” a small “” the old problems, improve public health emergencies contingency ability, to develop the food and drug safety in areas such as law enforcement inspection, power full win out of poverty to be completed,We will continue to effectively link comprehensive poverty alleviation with rural vitalization.Adhering to the principle of equal emphasis on legislation and law enforcement, the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress initially set up a legal framework for urban management and ecological environmental protection with rizhao characteristics, urged relevant departments to strictly implement their legal responsibilities, fully carry out fine and normal management, and create a high-level national civilized city;We will carry out law enforcement inspections on prominent environmental problems, such as air, water and soil pollution, which the public has strongly complained about, and firmly uphold the ecological red line of “blue skies, clear seas, and golden beaches.”Standing committee to uphold the constitution the authority of law, advancing a rule by law as the important task, to listen to the city on the annual report of the construction of the government by law, to carry out “five-year” rule of law publicity and education in the city of resolution, pay attention to play a role of law enforcement inspection “patrol” legal supervision sword, build system of normative documents for the record review report,To promote the administration and supervision of justice in accordance with the law, effectively maintain the unity and dignity of the national rule of law, support the promotion of clean sunshine, safe sunshine construction in accordance with the law.The Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress strengthened the self-improvement of people’s congresses and the guarantee of deputies’ services. For the first time in the history of the Rizhao People’s Congress, special committees of people’s congresses at the municipal and district and county levels were established. The incentive and guarantee mechanism for performing their duties was improved, and the quality and efficiency of the handling of bills and suggestions continued to improve.Fulfill statutory duties and innovate.The new standing committee will be under the leadership of the CPC rizhao municipal committee of the strong, fulfill his duties and work hard, give full play to the functions of local organs of state power, to promote the city’s economic and social development, high quality, speed up the construction affluent life, ecological livable, dynamic fashion, happy and harmonious modern coastal city to make new contributions.(Liu Xianqi, Rong Media reporter of Rizhao Radio and TELEVISION Station)