Say motion can prevent cancer, why some hold to the person of motion, also can contract cancer?

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Many of us have heard that exercise can prevent cancer, but there are many benefits.As the saying goes, life lies in exercise.Exercise not only reduces the risk of obesity, improves the heart and lung benefits of exercise, but also prevents cancer.So many doctors are advising you to incorporate exercise into your life plan and be a exerciser.But some people are skeptical.It is said that exercise can prevent cancer, but why there are so many athletes or insist on loving sports, finally unfortunately contracted cancer.And some people who are lazy at home, less active, but do not develop cancer?I really need to talk about this.Can exercise prevent cancer?Cancer has always been a hot topic for people. How to prevent cancer seems to be very difficult, but it is not without any rules.There is a lot of literature that suggests that most cancer problems can be solved with exercise.A similar study was published by the National Cancer Institute.In the study, researchers surveyed 1.44 million people over a total of 18 years of physical activity, and compared those who exercised most with those who exercised less. What conclusions did they draw?In fact, those who exercised more also had a reduced risk of cancer, such as a 42 percent reduction in esophageal adenocarcinoma.That translates to a 27 percent lower risk of liver cancer and a 26 percent lower risk of lung cancer.Women, in particular, were 10 percent less likely to develop breast cancer if they exercised regularly.So in the eyes of many researchers, exercise may be a better way to prevent cancer than some nutritional supplements.In a separate study on lifestyle and cancer prevention, data from 51 million people were collected and 10 of the best ways to prevent cancer were found.And two of the most effective are exercise-related.Do not feel motion and cancer have nothing to do so, increase motion actually, prolong life to oneself namely.Many studies have come to similar conclusions: exercise may protect against cancer.Why this conclusion?In fact, there are three ways to explain this problem: 1. Exercise can reduce weight.Many people know that after exercise, the weight of the body will gradually reduce, many obese people, can improve their physical condition through exercise.The risk of obesity-related cancer is also reduced as people become thinner because they exercise.In addition, because the body is stronger, both the inflammatory response and immune function will be greatly improved, cancer is not so easy to develop.2. Your immune system strengthens.People in the movement of the body metabolism will be stronger, with sweat will discharge a lot of harmful substances in the body, and these harmful substances are potential carcinogenic factors.At the same time, due to exercise, a series of changes in the body will also occur.It can not only improve the mental state, but also help to increase the immune capacity of the human body. Even if there are some cancerous cells, they will be found in time and removed.3. Adjust the intestinal flora.People who enjoy exercise know that their digestive system will improve a lot after exercise.Not only do you eat better, but you also have better bowel movements.Probiotics in your gut are also healthier, helping to improve your immune system.Many diseases related to the gastrointestinal tract will be reduced, and the likelihood of gastrointestinal tumors will be reduced.Do people who exercise get cancer?But the top problem is still not explained, why do some people who do not love sports suffer from cancer, but some people who love sports suffer from cancer?Remember, this is a matter of probability.Although many statistics show that active people are more likely to develop cancer, cancer is not caused by a single factor, but by a combination of factors, such as living environment, diet and family history.Do not think that as long as exercise can prevent all cancers, so absolute things, in the eyes of doctors is impossible.In the eyes of tumors, there are no certainties.Having said that, the central idea is to suggest that you increase your physical activity. If you stay at home every day and never want to go out, your risk of cancer will definitely increase.So is there a simple and effective way to fight cancer?In fact, it is very simple, that is exercise.A good amount of exercise is at least 30 minutes a day, five to seven times a week.If you feel that the physical condition allows, you can appropriately increase your activity, as long as you can tolerate it is not a problem.Of course, if you feel that your physical condition is not ideal, a little exercise will wheeze, then even a simple walk is also a good exercise choice.Just going out is better than sitting at home.