Taohuajiang No. 1 Central Kindergarten carries out the second COVID-19 prevention and control emergency drill

2022-09-15 0 By

On March 24, taohuajiang First Central Kindergarten carried out the second COVID-19 prevention and control emergency drill of this semester to further standardize and strengthen COVID-19 prevention and control work, improve prevention and emergency response capabilities, and ensure timely and effective handling of emergencies. The drill covered several important scenes in the one-day activities:Teachers entering the kindergarten (no contact history or contact history), children entering the kindergarten (no contact history), children found abnormal in class activities (contact history), children found abnormal in outdoor games (contact history).From abnormal discovery to report, isolation, evacuation of other personnel, to inform 120 to enter the park through the established route, terminal disinfection of the park was meticulous and comprehensive.During the drill, the teachers played various roles and were able to devote themselves seriously and master the responsibilities of their posts. Each link was carried out in an orderly manner and the drill achieved the expected results.Learned, to seriously implement the superior epidemic prevention and control work, to ensure that the kindergarten activities smoothly, the zoo in addition to the implementation of staff and places in the park, measuring temperature, check “three code”, the wearing of masks for specification as well as to the place to conduct disinfection epidemic prevention and control measures, has also made the epidemic prevention and control publicity for young children and their parents, children and parents the consciousness of prevention and control and prevention and control skills,Ensure the safety of life and physical and mental health of all teachers and students.(Second Instance: Mo Bin, supervisor: Liu Peng)