“To my home for the New Year 7 days, when my husband face training my mother-in-law, mom, you say is for me good?”

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What do you think of parents I’m doing it for your own good?I am good for you, this sentence must be most people will not feel strange, after all, this is most of the parents like to hang words in the mouth.Small time, parents do not let us watch TV, forced us to learn, will say this sentence, complain that we do not understand their pains;College entrance examination results out, choose schools and majors, obviously we have a favorite, but, parents look down on, what is too far away from home, professional employment prospects are not good, wages are too low, forcing us to change the choice, study their own do not like the major;When choosing a mate, when parents beat yuanyang, this sentence will not be said less.Of course, most parents do interfere in their children’s choice for the sake of their children. They believe that they have far-reaching vision and rich experience, and are better choices than their children.But as Mark Levy wrote in The Shadow Stealer, “You can’t interfere in someone’s life, even if it’s for their own good. It’s their life.”You can help them for a while, but not forever. If you interfere too much, they will either feel suffocated and disgusted by what you do, or they will spoil their independence, which is not good for their life.There is also a situation, that is, some parents so-called good for their children, just opinionated, but will pit the children.”I don’t know what my mother was thinking. Why is she always picking on my mother-in-law?Isn’t that embarrassing for my husband?Husband in the mind is not comfortable, I can lead comfortable?”Du Yu angrily joked with me about her own mother, unable to understand her mother’s mouth “I am for your good” meaning.Planning to go back to her in-laws to accompany her in-laws, my mother insisted that I go back, I decided to let them all come over the New Year;”What?You’re not coming back again this year?You didn’t come back last year.Did you forget your parents when you married?””Mom, I didn’t come back last year because the company required me to spend the Spring Festival on the spot.Besides, didn’t I come back to see you on The Fourth of July?It’s only been a few months!I’ll see you on Labor Day, all right?””No, the National Day and labor energy saving with the Spring Festival?If you don’t come back, how will our old couple live?No, you must come back, or I’ll be your mother’s dead.”Listen to mom, Du Yu felt very helpless.The reason why she insisted on going back to her in-laws’ home was that she had been affected by the epidemic last year and the year before last and could not go back. She went to celebrate her mother’s birthday on National Day. Therefore, she should accompany her in-laws for the Spring Festival.Seeing Du Yu worried, the husband thought for a long time and came up with a way: “Well, we don’t go back to any family and let them come over for the Chinese New Year. In fact, my mother doesn’t care where the Chinese New Year is, as long as we and the children accompany her, my mother will be satisfied and won’t say anything more.Your mother’s feelings are understandable. After all, you’re an only child, so it’s normal for them to miss you.”Her husband’s idea was the best way, so Du yu called her parents and invited them to come over and bought tickets for them.In order to promote the feelings of parents with her husband, Du Yu gave the task of picking up her parents to her husband, but to meet her in-laws.02 mother-in-law to help me take two children, very hard, let her come to the Chinese New Year, is to enjoy;It is the greatest wish of parents to spend the Spring Festival with their children and grandchildren. Once they are satisfied, they should take the principle of family and prosperity and get along well with them, especially to treat their children, spouses and parents well.However, there is no problem with the in-laws, Du Yu’s mother is quite unreasonable, just came not long, began to find Du Yu mother-in-law trouble.During the Spring Festival, du Yu and her husband were responsible for cleaning the house.Du Yu is responsible for cooking, washing the clothes and quilts at home, the husband is responsible for cleaning appliances and other large, Du Yu’s mother saw du Yu’s in-laws after not doing any work, even the meal is not burning, only to amuse the child, he felt unhappy.”My daughter works so hard and she has to cook for you. You have nothing to do. Can’t you be considerate and cook a meal or sweep the floor?”In fact, after the in-laws arrived, they could not sit down and tried to help their son and daughter-in-law clean the house. However, Du Yu persuaded them, “Mom and dad, we sent you over to honor you. Please have a good rest and don’t get tired.At ordinary times, thanks to you to help me take the baby, I can relax, let us do something for the New Year!”Originally, Du Yu gave birth to a son and a daughter, are responsible for the care of the in-laws, in-laws to help take baby, reduce the burden of Du Yu too much, therefore, Du Yu has been very grateful to the in-laws.Listen to the words of the mother, Du Yu felt unhappy, tell the mother is not to let his in-laws work, emphasize the kindness of the in-laws to help themselves with the baby.”My mother said, as grandparents, it is a matter of course for my in-laws to take care of their children. Anyway, I have to provide for them in the future. She also said that she is for my good, afraid THAT I pay too much.Oh, please. I’m not the only one working. Isn’t my husband working hard?In my home New Year, I work, shouldn’t it?”03. I want you to come for Chinese New Year, not to bully my mother-in-law.Du Yu’s parents were chatting with her in-laws and the topic of pension came up.Du yu’s parents have a combined pension of 7,000 yuan, and they live a comfortable life because they have only one daughter.The in-laws’ pension is 5,000 yuan, and their son and daughter-in-law will bear the cost of raising children, so there is not much financial pressure.Heard in-laws with output does not pay, sun Du Yu mother heart uncomfortable, complaining, think your daughter on mortgages, car loans, the pressure is very big, don’t in-law since spending much, why not subsidies, spend some money to the grandson: “this money you again not brought into the coffin, are they in the morning and evening, early different flower the flower of the night?Don’t be bitter, children.”Mother chatter, in-laws and husband’s face become very ugly, Du Yu unbearable, his mother pulled out, accused mom: “Mom, this is our business, you don’t manage well?The child is my birth, I raise how?””I love you for your own good, and I want you to be comfortable.You stupid girl, why can’t you feel for me?When I asked you to marry my colleague’s son, you turned your back on me and insisted on marrying a man of little ability. Now that’s all right!””Come to my home for Chinese New Year 7 days, when my husband face training my mother-in-law, mom, you say is for me good?Do you want me to get a divorce?If I get divorced, you’re gonna have two kids?Who can stand it when you confront his mother with my husband?Who doesn’t hate you?Will you depend on us when you get old?If you bother me again, go home. I can’t bear it at home.””Just walk away, married daughter spilled water.”Du Yu’s mother felt unable to get down, pulling her husband left du Yu’s home.Fortunately, the in-laws and her husband did not care, but also comfort Du Yu.04. If you have a problem with your in-laws, you have a problem with your children and your old age.Tu Lei said that the best relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law: between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, mother-in-law and son-in-law, must do two words, as their own love, treat each other like guests.As if out of the care, is your son is a son, the daughter of the others is also conceived in October, with what you say my son I hand pull big, although the others are two pull big, it is also the body of the meat, you have two same pain, even more pain a little bit of their daughter-in-law.The heart should be treated as a pro, but it should be done as a guest.Whether do in-laws, or in-laws, should remember, with in-laws feel bad, is taboo.No man or woman with a conscience could bear to be disrespected by his parents.Aren’t you insulting him by insulting his parents?No matter your daughter-in-law or son-in-law, they will feel dissatisfied and have a gap with you, which will affect their respect for you.If you don’t respect others, how can they respect you?If you have a problem with your in-laws, you have a problem with your children and your old age.If you offend the parents of your children’s spouse, if you offend the spouse of your children, are not your children not human inside and out?Respect others, to get the respect of others, parents, please do not give their children trouble.Topic: Do you think Du Yu’s mother went too far?Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section.