United Engine | 7K a month, the best car for girls to drive?

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Hello, this is United Engines, a small auto media company teetering on the brink of bankruptcy.Happy New Year, everyone.I believe that everyone got this year’s year-end bonus during the Spring Festival, and received a lot of red envelopes.Everyone has their own plan for how to spend year-end bonuses and red envelopes.Many people consider buying a new car during this time to improve their daily travel conditions and quality of life.As we all know, every year around the New Year is the peak season to buy cars, manufacturers will also give a small New Year’s discount, it is a good time to buy cars.1. Volkswagen PoloPolo, as a German model in the car market since the 1970s, has also developed rapidly since it entered the Chinese market in 2001, and once became the national god car with comparable fitness.The 2021 Vw Polo is currently priced between 99,900 yuan and 123,900 yuan.After the replacement, the cash Volkswagen Polo has significantly improved the size of the body, and its lovely image can also meet the needs of female consumers. In addition, the whole series is matched with 1.5L EA211 engine, which ensures the product quality and keeps the fuel consumption at about 5.5L per 100 km.At present, among the four Volkswagen Polo models sold, the most recommended one is the Dazzling Science and Technology edition at 115,900 YUAN. Compared with the Panoramic Enjoyment edition, it costs only 6,000 yuan. The addition of reversing radar and active brake system can well guarantee the travel safety of female consumers.As the current heavy car of Changan, Sharp cheng CC is quite excellent in appearance level, under the butterfly wing front face and sedan body design, it is indeed a pleasant model, and the current price of all sharp cheng CC is 979 ~ 119,900 yuan.The main product highlights of Ruicheng CC are equipped with Changan Blue Whale power. In the case of the whole system with 1.5T+7DCT power assembly, the maximum power is 138kW and the peak torque is 300N·m. Such power parameters are definitely more than enough for female consumers.Currently, among the 7 models sold by Raytek CC, the most recommended model is the 2022 DCT deluxe edition, which can well meet the daily use needs of female consumers with 360° panoramic image, 6-way airbag and voice recognition function.Nissan Versa is mentioned, it is believed that the vast majority of users have a certain understanding of the car, since it entered the Chinese market in 2005, the car has always had a good market heat.The 2021 Nissan Versa currently has a guiding price of 99,900 to 135,900 yuan.As the hottest “Versa for shopping” in China, TIIDA’s main highlights lie in its high cost performance and comfort, making it hold a steady place in the domestic market. Of course, for female consumers, Nissan Versa’s small and lovely appearance is also one of the reasons we recommend it.Among the four models sold by Versa TIIDA at present, the most recommended version is THE 123,900 CVT Zhihang version, which is more than 10,000 yuan more than the Cool Dynamic version. It is equipped with more perfect driving assistance and active safety configuration.The above three products are recommended for New Year car purchase today. Please continue to pay attention to United Engine for more content.