4S shop accident car too many maintenance can not come over?It’s just a shortage of maintenance technicians

2022-09-16 0 By

I received a complaint yesterday, hence this article.The reason is also very simple, the customer car accident about the end of January, sent to the shop for repair.Until the customer complained yesterday, the car has not been started.It has been put in the parking lot to be repaired, the customer is anxious to use the car, which has a complaint sheet!The 4S shop I am in in the parking lot of the accident is a joint venture brand. The specific brand will not be discussed here.Starting from December 2021, the number of cars entering the store for maintenance and repair accidents has slowly increased.At this time, the staffing of the shop is in short supply. There are only 8 maintenance technicians in the ban injection workshop, and there are a little more mechanical and electrical technicians, about 10 people, but there are more than 40 cars in the maintenance of the car every day. Mechanical and electrical technicians have to do maintenance during the day, and only work overtime at night to assemble the accident car.So the cars piled up.There are complaints every once in a while!In fact, this is not what I want to talk about in this article!But I want to discuss the current situation of the automobile service industry and some thoughts on the future through the current situation!Among the joint venture car brands, the sales volume and product popularity of the shop I work for are relatively good in this small 18-line city. The sales volume of new cars is almost 1000 every year, and the number of after-sales inbound vehicles is 800-1000 every month.But under the weight of this.As employees, it is difficult for us to realize the benefits brought to us. As mentioned in the previous article, the staffing situation in the store is as high as 40-50 vehicles per maintenance technician monthly on average. Some people may think that this is not very much.But as a person who has been in contact with this industry, you know how big the intensity is!And the car maintenance progress can not be improved for many reasons!And these two points I personally think are the most important!Once upon a time, the automobile after-sales industry, also known as car repair people.The loss of personnel is too serious. Almost the youngest person here is the post-90s generation. The cost of automobile after-sales learning is too high compared with other service industries.But the income is not equal!From a know-nothing to a maintenance technician, it takes at least 2-3 years to learn, and in such a small city, the income of a senior maintenance technician is also difficult to exceed 7000 yuan.This results in fewer and fewer young people entering the industry!Industry trend With the impact of new forces of car building on the traditional fuel car market, the number of auto parts is reduced, the failure rate is lower and lower.The three-power system of new energy vehicles is becoming increasingly mature, and compared with fuel cars, the after-sales problems of cars will be less and less.As the cost of transformation is high, I personally believe that car after-sales maintenance will be compressed, resulting in a large number of personnel loss.A variety of reasons lead to after-sales difficult to do, by this single complaint, and from a small number of wages deducted part of the penalty.It gives me an idea.Cast out bricks to attract jade.If you have different views, welcome to discuss!