Hanyu Yuanyu challenge 4A failed!2 consecutive falls, free skate 188.06 points, no regrets

2022-09-16 0 By

Yuzuru Hanyu, a two-time Olympic gold medalist, scored 188.06 in the men’s singles free skating competition on February 10, Beijing time.Having finished eighth in the short program, Yuzuru Hanyu will have to make it harder in the free skate for a third time, and the legendary skater, who was already set to attempt the 4A vault (axel quadruple jump), has never been able to perform it flawlessly in an official competition.At the start of the match, Hanyu adjusted his pace and attempted 4A, only to stumble on the landing and fall to the ground.Then he took off again, failed again, and fell a second time.Fortunately, these two mistakes did not affect Yuzuru hanyu’s mentality. After the experience, he stabilized his mood, performed the following movements perfectly, and successfully completed his match.After the match, Hanyu smiled as if he had never made a mistake.Yuzuru Hanyu’s score of 188.06, plus 95.15 points in the short program, was the highest in the competition (one more set to follow).No matter how the final result, feather raw strings are not bad, in May is his last games competition, his efforts to audiences all over the world, no one ever complete interpretation of the 4 a action, his courage and hard work, absolutely let a person respect, from this point of view, he has already won!