How much does the peace elite Lotian suit cost?Peace fine yingluo day to obtain the guarantee price analysis

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Peace elite and the linkage of activities according to the los day is about to launch of the new season, everybody likes in accordance with the players don’t want to miss a day, but pay attention to it’s best to know los day according to the price, is expected to suit guaranteed price about 648, want to more deeply understand the day according to the character, skin and munitions, quickly look small make up to share the following strategy.Luotianyi online time Luotianyi interactive activities have been online, players in the peace elite mobile game interface can see.Luo Tianyi price price analysis: it is expected that under normal circumstances, let you spend 648 or so to get Luo Tianyi, but want to draw a full set of Luo Tianyi skin, munitions may need 1500 to 1800 or so can be out, the player is really not when it may need more than 2000.Probability increase:Want to increase the pump to los day according to the probability that the first must be ten even smoking ten even there is a ninety percent discount (oh), thus likely to smoke to purple bonus, if this is not to draw a single pump, single suction around 3 times to have probability to purple, can change ten even after smoke to purple smoke, player can pass this probability order to smoke, can be quicker to los days.However, the repetition rate of extraction can not be controlled. The repetition rate in the early stage will be low, but the repetition rate in the later stage will be high.Players need to extract from the “treasure chest” on the munitions interface, so players need a certain probability to open the box to get The lotianyi.Los day by munitions introduced los day by munitions suits, not only has a new role, a dance moves, has signed in you can gain voice packets, and firearms, helmets, backpacks these full, a set of munitions quality is good, both men and women can use, and bosses said the military has both may rise in price, each players may move oh!Want to get more game information, quickly pay attention to chuan Chuan cloud mobile phone!