Old teachers write Spring Festival couplets to send blessings in calligraphy and ink fragrance to add New Year’s flavor

2022-09-16 0 By

Dahe Network news (reporter Guo Xu Ru) near the End of the New Year, in the Cultural Palace of Xinxiang city one corner more than a “Red Spring Festival”.Here is the new Xiang City Muye District Spring Festival couplets and paintings temporary sales point, many people come here to buy Spring Festival couplets and paintings before the festival, a thriving, full of flavor of the New Year.Mr. Qian and his wife also set up shop at the retail outlet. Unlike most vendors who sell ready-made calligraphy and paintings, Mr. Qian wrote the Spring Festival couplets himself.”I like to write, in this respect have a foundation, usually at home also restless, to the root I want to come here to write Spring Festival couplets, sell Spring Festival couplets.”Said the old money.A long table, covered with red paper, two brushes and an inkstone, is Lao Qian’s simple “workbench”.At ordinary times, Old Qian would write Spring Festival couplets in front of the stall, and his wife would help him. He would prepare more red paper to dry the Spring Festival couplets.Old Qian said that he has more than 20 years of experience in writing Spring Festival couplets, “I used to be a teacher in my hometown village, neighbors love to ask me to write Spring Festival couplets, from last year, before the Spring Festival, I will go to the cultural palace to set up stalls to write Spring Festival couplets.”Talking about his New Year’s resolutions, Old Qian smiled and said, “As long as I can be healthy and happy, everything will be ok.”The Palace of Culture is crowded with people, such as a family of three shopping with their children, passers-by coming from work, old men and women walking around…Citizens gather here, talking, choosing, content to take bags and bags to leave, to welcome the Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger, also taken to the streets of the city.