Rare old photo: the death of Master Hongyi, left public camera before not angry from wei

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This photo was taken on October 13, 1942 in Quanzhou city, Fujian Province.In the photo, he looks like he’s asleep, walking peacefully and freely.This year after the Mid-Autumn Festival, Master Hongyi felt that he had run out of oil and light, so he called the disciples, surprisingly, his last words only have four words, that is, “sadness and joy.”In the last few days, Master Hongyi chose not to eat, and only drank water when he was hungry.Master Hongyi died in wanqing Room of Quanzhou Wenling Nursing Home on the fourth day of the ninth lunar month at the age of 61.Zuo Zongtang in 1875. This photo is also the earliest known photograph taken by Zuo Gong.I saw his eyes sharp, serious expression, may lose his temper at any time, if use four words to describe, that is “not angry since wei”.In fact, At this time, Zuo zongtang was already 63 years old, but in his body, you can’t see other officials in the late Qing dynasty “old age” flagging mental outlook.People at that time often said that Zuo Gong “lived well, with beard and temples unfrosted and still looked like about fifty people”.On February 7, 1935, the enemy took Fang Zhimin to Yuzhang Park in Nanchang, Jiangxi province for “public display”. This photo was taken for him at the scene.In the photo, Fang Zhimin was dressed like ordinary people and Red Army soldiers, wearing only a torn cotton-padded jacket in the cold winter.Fang Zhimin face of the enemy’s torture and surrender, he righteously, unyielding, until heroic death.Take a look at an old photo.The time is 1937, the place is Yan ‘an.In 1937, Chairman MAO and Mister Zhu took a group photo in front of the cave.Who is that lady next to you?But in the eyes of a great man there is a look of determination.At that time is already the hope of the nation, the backbone of the Chinese people!