The first round of nucleic acid sampling was completed in Maanshan, Anhui Province, and two transmission chains were found

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Reporter held on March 15, from anhui maanshan, epidemic prevention and control work conference at 6 in the morning, as of 15, maanshan detect COVID – 19 10 cases of virus positive cases, diagnosis by experts, 1 case was diagnosed (mild, dangtu Huang Chi town), 9 cases of asymptomatic infection (6 cases of dangtu, huashan area 3 cases).Preliminary epidemiological investigation shows that there are two transmission chains at present. Seven people in Dangtu County and two people in Huashan District are in the same transmission chain, and the transmission chain of another person in Huashan District is associated with a construction site in Changzhou.The Anhui Provincial Epidemic Prevention and Control Office dispatched more than 50 provincial epidemic control experts to set up 10 joint epidemic control teams with more than 230 people in Ma ‘anshan, working day and night to carry out epidemic control and investigation.464 local secret contacts and 1087 secondary secret contacts were investigated, and all control measures were implemented.39 people in the field, 15 people in the secondary, all issued letters of assistance.Twenty isolation points and 1903 isolation rooms have been put into use.Anhui Provincial Epidemic Prevention and control Office mobilized daily 80,000 mobile detection force, more than 200 detection personnel, support Ma ‘anshan city.23,941 people have been sampled in Huangchi Town, Dangtu County (the first round of sampling has been completed), and all the results were negative.From 7:30 am on March 14 to 6 am on March 15, regional nucleic acid testing was carried out in Dangtu County, Huashan District, Yushan District, Bowang District, Shikai Economic Development District and Cihu High-tech Zone. A total of 126,515 people were collected at 657 sampling sites. The first round of sampling was basically completed and all the results were negative.(CCTV News client)