The new generation OF SAIC Volkswagen Lamando L, this “spicy steamed bread” has a little taste

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In 2015, SAIC Volkswagen launched a sedan model — Lamando, which is not so important to SAIC Volkswagen and is just a product of market segmentation.At that time, SAIC Volkswagen had Lavlavit for family use and Passat for business use. SUV Tiguan was also in its prime, and sedan cars like Lamando did not seem to have a big market.After all, seven years have passed and consumer demand for cars has changed.Nowadays, rejecting mediocrity and advocating individuality has become the theme of young people in the society. In recent years, Lamando has also begun to receive more and more attention, and sales volume has also been significantly improved. The replacement of Lamando is imminent.Therefore, THIS year, SAIC Volkswagen launched a new generation of Lamando L with a high profile, which is aimed at the young market. Overall, Lamando L is indeed greatly upgraded compared with Lamando, but where is the upgrade?From the perspective of a photography enthusiast, Lamando L is currently the most avant-garde fuel car under SAIC Volkswagen.Especially in the front part, the design is more in line with the current coupe style.The vehicle before the face of the most impressive or popular new dot type intake grille, larger, visual impact, the modelling, though we have seen on the new passat, but in order to let ling cross L more younger, on the basis of the original new passat ling cross L the intake grille also took some of the younger design ID family,Let the whole car before the face appears more youthful and more youthful.In order to make the whole vehicle more young, besides IQlight, Lamando L is also equipped with front-running LED light belt, which is combined with Volkswagen LOGO, and can also light up the LOGO at night. In addition, lamando L’s wide-body design and front hood similar to waistcoat line outline show the fashion sense and power sense of the whole car very well.On the side, Lamando L obviously adopts the design of sliding back, which is also a necessary design for a coupe. The overall side lines are dynamic, smooth and full of sports style. With 18-inch Dunlop tires, the overall sports visual sense is excellent.The tail also adopts a new design, the overall sense of rhythm is very strong, and the lamp group part also adopts a similar tiguan X wide lamp belt design, and the red through the taillight.The trunk also adopts a hatchback trunk, which reminds me of the previous Octavia RS.In general, Lamando L has made a major breakthrough in appearance compared with the previous generation lamando, especially the four-door Windows adopt bezel-less design, which greatly improves the style of the coupe. If the price is reasonable, the appearance level part is very high.If there is one thing that lamando had the biggest slot in the past, it must be space.The reason why Lamando L is called Lamando L is that its space has been greatly improved.The wheelbase alone is 2731mm and that’s a pretty impressive figure in the compact segment.In the actual ride, an adult man who is 1.8 meters tall still has room for two punches on his legs, but only one punch on his head due to the influence of the back sliding style, but this is enough room for most of the elderly and children.In addition, the back row of Lamando L also adopts USB and Type-c charging modes (the front row is the same), which is relatively reasonable.The change of the interior is also great, ling cross L have adopted new interior design, the public also use a screen, and the size of the LCD panel has reached 10 inch further ascension, the touch screen is 12 inches, at the same time, the public also adopted a brand-new car machine system, faster and support the voice control, also support the L2 level of automatic driving.Moreover, the overall interior design is simple, smooth and full of sports style. The overall black interior is very capable. The shift lever also adopts Volkswagen’s new electronic shift lever, which is very small.What is more noteworthy is that the multi-functional steering wheel also cancels the physical keys and adopts the touch keys. The overall sense of science and technology is very unique.Powered by the same MQB Evo platform and powered by the same 1.4T engine as the A3, it has 150 horsepower, 250 nm of peak torque and a faster dry dual clutch transmission.Chassis suspension system is the former McPherson after multi-link type independent suspension combination, so it can be seen that this car owners play or movement and control.The only regret is that there is no test drive, I wonder if it will drive the same as audi A3L.Last but not least: There is no denying that SAIC Volkswagen put a lot of thought into lamando L, which has been dubbed “spicy steamed bun” by netizens.Both the appearance level and configuration are in line with the current mainstream models, focusing on attacking the light sedan market.The spacious space also brings lamando some home attributes.But personally think that the passenger side of this car is not installed electric adjustment is a mild regret, especially considering the passenger to ride more women generally, electric adjustment will be more accordant with the needs of the women, but in addition to this ling cross L as joint coupe is very to force, if reasonably priced will get more attention,Personally, IT is estimated that the high power version of Lamando L will be priced around 170,000 yuan, while the low power version is estimated to be priced around 150,000 yuan. The specific answer can only be known after the official launch.