The question is what sector is leading the rally tomorrow?

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As a-share listed companies pay more and more attention to the ability of cash dividend, the dividend yield of listed companies has become an important basis for investors to judge the investment value of listed companies.As listed companies 2021 annual report disclosure, the market began to focus on listed companies dividends.According to the data, banking, steel, textile and apparel industries have become the representative industries with high dividend yield.In addition, statistics show that the dividend rate of 115 listed companies in the past 12 months has exceeded 5%, which reflects that more and more listed companies begin to pay attention to the ability of dividends.However, from the perspective of investors, these industries basically belong to the traditional industries in the market, which seem to lack the motivation for sustained high growth. Such traditional industries can only enhance the investment attractiveness of listed companies by increasing dividend yield.In contrast, the overall dividend yield of related industries is not high for emerging industries such as bio-medical, semiconductor and artificial intelligence.However, for this kind of listed company, it can make up for the disadvantage of low dividend yield through high performance growth.From the analysis of risk preference in the capital market in recent years, market funds seem to prefer high-growth industries, while the willingness of capital to hype traditional industries seems not to be particularly high.As if some stocks, the market does not rise it, the market does not fall it.This kind of situation usually shows that most chips have fallen into the banker’s bag: when the general trend is down, there is floating chip hit plate, the banker will hold the chips, sealed down space, in case cheap chips are robbed;General trend up or steady, there is hot money to grab the plate, but the makers still do not want to launch the market for a variety of reasons at this time, so there will be a fierce hit plate, sealed the rising space of the stock price, do not let the short-term hot money upset the speculation plan.Stock K – line form on the horizontal consolidation, or along the average small shock disk rise.Hot analysis: Emotional interference and rebound weak, A shares still have the possibility of rebounding, but under the support of many, the overall downward space is limited, the shock bottom building process is still A good time for low suction stage.For example, Zhejiang Ningbo local stock 002473*ST Shenglai, 2021 operating revenue is expected to be 100 million to 120 million yuan;Net profit attributable to shareholders of the listed company was 42 million to 58 million yuan, turning losses into profits on a year-on-year basis;Net profit after deducting non-recurring gains and losses was -12 million to -8 million yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 92.00% to 94.00%;Earnings per share were 0.2600 to 0.3600 yuan.