Wang Jiuxin: What is Chinese?

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What is Chinese?Chinese is about people and language rules and language creation of a subject.In fact, in the past, illiterate old people took their children to sing nursery rhymes, recite nursery rhymes, read poems by di Zi GUI wunderkind, daughter by a thousand characters, tongue twister idioms, and so on, which were primary Chinese learning.The difference between a man and a dog and a pig is that he can freely express what he thinks what he meets what he asks for at this moment in time.This is extremely clever, completely unintentional, spontaneous language learning and training.Chinese has nature and humanity, and is connected with the nature of heaven, earth, earth and god. Therefore, Chinese is very smooth and elegant, as free as flowing water.It is a kind of learning (or discipline) that can be taught by itself without any teacher, directly connecting history and philosophy, and directly facing the world and human reality.For example, Mo Yan only has a fifth grade education background, but after he knew a few words at the beginning, he started the “subconscious” learning which was completely physiological and psychological instinct demand.At the time, he certainly had not read Stanislavski’s “subconscious”, but he had “subconscious”.In fact, everyone?Subconscious desires and needs.Mo yan of course can also have, and really have, and really have a very strong demand, and really unexpectedly obtained.He was his own teacher, and he was his own pupil.He teaches himself and he learns his own Chinese.Such a student, I think, is the best student, who can learn the knowledge he needs most when he needs it most, and Mo Yan is such a student.What is the best teacher?The best Chinese teachers are those who are most adept at the rules of language.So far, I have never seen or heard my lifelong Chinese teacher.He is a professor at Fudan University in Shanghai and a master of rhetoric. In the 1930s, he published a treatise on linguistics called “The Origin of Rhetoric”.There are 72 kinds of general figures of speech in the book, and each one has a number of extremely classic examples.The ancients, foreigners, literati, folk, etc., etc., he has vivid and incomparable, vivid and moving, colorful words flying, plain good sentences.The one I have the hardest time forgetting is “compound rhetoric,” the combination of multiple figures of speech in a single passage.When he interprets a common example sentence, it becomes as exciting as discovering a new continent.It can be said that this teacher, Mr. Chen Wangdao, has comprehended language both “thoroughly” and “thoroughly”, which is really extremely transparent and complicated and simple!Years passed. I was a sophomore in high school, reading and copying, and then making sentences according to 72 figures of speech.Since then, I read an article every day. First, I read the rhetoric of the article. A good work of a good writer is his works of hundreds of thousands of words or millions of words.Look at mo Yan, Wang Meng and other writers. There is not a sentence in their articles that does not contain rhetoric!And the beautiful and smooth poetry, prose, fiction, and all because of the different rhetoric and poets and writers thoughts, feelings, personality, style, thought, to achieve the most incisive expression.Review my Chinese self-study, I think: the Chinese teacher must be a spoken language and text language expression master.With the same meaning, a math teacher can have only one expression, but a Chinese teacher must have more than five accurate, subtle, vivid and elegant expressions.A good Chinese teacher must be the spiritual instructor or leader recognized by the students.He was well-read, brilliant, eloquent and witty, a teacher who could not be easily asked, but never had a standard answer.He: A Chinese teacher is like a politician’s thought, a thinker’s language, a linguist’s philosophy, a philosopher’s strategy, a strategist’s military, a military strategist’s military strategy, a military strategist’s military strategy, a military strategist’s military strategy, a military strategist’s military strategy, a military strategist’s military strategy, a military strategist’s horizontal and horizontal strategies, and a political strategist’s spirit…He is the precise analysis of scientists, musicians freely write notes, artists colorful colors, artists graceful dance……He is the gossip of the land of the old farmer, the love letter of the lovelorn factory worker, the murmur of the urban white-collar coffee shop…The language?What is Chinese?Language profound language vulgar rude language on the palace of art under the woman’s kitchen.The language?The language!Chinese is people, and people are Chinese.Without Chinese, there would be no upright walking people, and upright walking people — is Chinese, is humanities.The spirit of humanity is language;Chinese is the humanities.And the spirit of Chinese, every word, are humanities, are people.2014 1, 14, 23.35 points 1,27 days changed.