We should bear the principal responsibility for comprehensively and strictly governing the Party

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On the morning of February 18, the second plenary meeting of the 14th CPC Discipline Inspection Commission of Changsha County was successfully held. It clarified the new deployment and requirements for the high-quality development of discipline inspection and supervision work in changsha County, and drew a blueprint for deepening the comprehensive and strict governance of the Party and vigorously promoting the construction of clean Xingsha County.After the meeting, 19 copies of the “2021 Notification on Comprehensively Governing the Party with Strict Discipline, Discipline inspection and Supervision work” were released and distributed to the Party (Work) committees of all towns and streets, pointing out problems and revealing deficiencies, and further pressing the main responsibility of the Party (Work) Committees.Party (Industrial) Committee secretaries have been placed in a prominent position in performing their duties as the “primary responsible persons” for overseeing and governing the Party.It is worth mentioning that this move is also a powerful exploration and innovative practice of changsha County Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision to take the lead in promoting comprehensive strict party governance to grass-roots extension in the whole city, and has conveyed to the outside world a strong signal that the plenary session of this commission will not go through formalities.”I created a model of a clean village in Eun-long Village.Through the video access system and the county commission for Discipline inspection and supervision to achieve more than 40 times of interconnection, solve the problem of letters and visits.The town commission for Discipline inspection closed 107 clues throughout the year, completed 8 self-handled cases, registered 34, closed 34, ranked the first……”Look carefully sent to huanghua town of this “bulletin”, it is not difficult to find that the content of specific cases, intuitive data, can be said to be full of gold, reflects the county commission for discipline inspection and supervision of seeking truth from facts, scientific rigorous bright attitude, but also make the ranking more convincing.Appropriate medicine “prescription”, precise treatment “in addition to the focus”.In view of the outstanding problems existing in the implementation of the principal responsibility for comprehensively governing the Party with strict discipline and in the implementation of discipline inspection and supervision, the Circular made sharp comments and words. It not only listed the shortcomings of the problems, but also pointed out the direction for improvement, and put forward specific requirements to the Party (engineering) committees of each town (neighborhood).Behind also contains the county commission for Discipline inspection supervision committee to vigorously promote the standardization of the discipline inspection and supervision organization, the rule of law, regularization of the full meaning of the construction.It is reported that the “notice” has caused the changsha county towns (streets) party (work) committee of high attention, around the relevant problems have been effectively solved, the county commission for Discipline inspection commission will also carry out a good follow-up key supervision and inspection.Author: Tan Xiaoyu Rector: Wang Yuxi Review: Xu Fenfen source: Changsha Rong Media Center