Weinan First Hospital went into the district government kindergarten for emergency rescue knowledge and knowledge of infectious disease prevention and control training

2022-09-16 0 By

On March 14th afternoon, weinan for district government, the first hospital, kindergarten teachers to carry out emergency rescue and infectious disease prevention and control knowledge propaganda and training, to further improve the childcare facilities staff ability of cognition, the prevention and control of infectious diseases, further popularize CPR, haim’s method and dressing methods such as emergency rescue knowledge.Training in the city a new geng tao yuan and Li Xiao two doctors use PPT show and case analysis, on-site demonstration, interactive way, emphatically introduces the cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), haim’s method and dressing methods such as first aid knowledge, every interpretation of the knowledge, are simulated demonstration, serious to faculty “highlight”, let them accurately grasp the key point of rescuing people,It also explains the basic essentials and matters needing attention of emergency rescue on site.At the same time, how to judge the wounded consciousness, right put the injured position and removal of foreign bodies such as the wounded mouth to do a live demonstration, and simulated operation, let the part of the participation teachers to ensure the participation teachers can grasp the basic field CPR, emergency measures, such as skills, so that in emergency and accident occurs, to take effective measures to protect itself and emergency rescue,Maximum protection of life and safety.After the meeting, the staff of one hospital popularized the knowledge of rabies and AIDS prevention and control and distributed publicity materials for the teaching and administrative staff attending the training meeting.(Zhang Fan) Source: Weinan First Hospital