With “small family” tube “everyone” village party branch secretary of the war “epidemic” 16 days

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Cui Lei guided residents to queue up and scan codes in an orderly manner at the nucleic acid sampling site.Chen Chen answers calls from people in the community and answers questions from residents.Late at night, Cui Lei became an information logger at the nucleic acid sampling site.Together with volunteer party members, Cui uses private cars to pick up people over 60 for vaccination.Rednet moment Changsha, April 2 (correspondent Zhou Liang Xiong Jiashu) “Please wear a mask, take your temperature, scan the site code, keep a distance of one meter, and queue up for sampling in an orderly manner.”April 2 morning, in Changsha County Xianglong street Jinyuan Community Hengguanginternational Garden nuclear acid detection point, a “red waistcoat” kept persuading figure, shuttling back and forth in a long queue.”Red Majia” named Cui Lei, is the secretary of the Party branch of Hengguang International Landscape Garden community. This is the 16th consecutive day that he participated in the community’s epidemic prevention and control services. Under his influence, his wife Chen Chen, also a party member, has also become a “senior” member of the team.Quickly team up, “volunteer red” warm neighborhood heart “I sign up!””What can I do for you?”On March 18th, Cui Lei see jin yuan community issued a “red mobilization order”, the village party branch group call to sign up, soon a founded more than 20 members volunteer service, with “colorful jin yuan” volunteers tacit cooperation, personnel MoPai, past unattended, epidemic prevention publicity, nucleic acid detection, volunteers figure appeared on the village each epidemic prevention station.”Hello, Sir!A few days ago, you registered for vaccination in the community, is it convenient today, we can pick you up to get vaccinated.”On April 1, just after finishing the expanded nucleic acid screening, Cui Lei devoted himself to organizing the vaccination of the elderly over 60 years old.In the last vaccination work, this team set up a “red” service desk for vaccination at the entrance and exit of the community, and picked up 75 elderly people to complete vaccination in one day. The considerate service and special bus service won unanimous recognition from the residents.Worry that the new team not clear business, Cui Lei prepared a epidemic prevention and control of volunteer service training, elaborate about volunteering tutorial specification total nucleic acid process, through the way of easy to understand, illustrated, a detailed explanation, after his training, community nucleic acid detection field are in order, process more standard and more efficient sampling.Cui Lei’s initiative to join the team, for the community party secretary Wang Lian reduced a lot of work pressure.Husband and wife work, hand in hand together to protect their homes on March 22, Cui Lei and his wife just came to the community public service center, eight surianoka overnight transcoding demand surge of the masses, surianoka for calling people on epidemic prevention and control policy and answer, on the other side Cui Lei orderly guide to the inhabitants of consulting, a couple of partner cooperation, in an orderly way.”For Cui Lei, the community is the ‘main battlefield’ for him and his’ comraes-in-arms’. He always said that in difficult times, as front-line party members, we should charge in the front and bear hardships in the front.”His wife Chen Chen is a cadre of changsha County Veterans Affairs Bureau. She came to the community to report for work after work. During the epidemic prevention and control in the community, she was very supportive when talking about Cui Lei.”At this time, it is very important to take action to gather the red power of the community and do our part to protect their homes.”Cui lei said he has the energy, ideas and enthusiasm to do something for the community because of his loose working hours.According to introducing, hunan dragon street to village governance “three full coverage”, constant wide international garden village party branch in October 2021, Cui Lei elected as village party branch secretary, in 1987, he is a man with 15 years party standing “whole”, since its inception the village party branch, under the Cui Lei organizational mobilization, give full play to the village party organization’s fight fortress function,Epidemic prevention and control, civilization building, production safety and other central work, there are community party branch members figure, young they inject fresh new power for community grassroots governance.