Bozhou City transportation bureau takes multiple measures simultaneously to build a solid defense line of rural road traffic safety

2022-09-17 0 By

“Four at the same time” to improve facilities.Security facilities in the rural road construction project, adopt the method of “four” at the same time to organize the implementation, namely, synchronous design, synchronous construction, synchronous acceptance, synchronization is used, through the implementation of rural roads “five small” engineering, safety life protection engineering and maintenance engineering set up and improve the security facilities and gradually eliminate the rural road safety hidden trouble.In 2021, the city implemented the rural road security project of 183.9 kilometers, and completed the investigation and rectification of 101 hidden dangers in the cross-linking of cities and roads, gradually improving the safe passage capacity of rural roads.”County and village” maintenance management.Since 2018, Bozhou city has gradually implemented the project of “road chief system” for rural roads, setting up road chief offices at county and township levels. It is clear that the main heads of county and township governments are responsible for the road chief, who is responsible for studying and solving the problems of rural road management and maintenance.At the same time, the county and village three-level road administration management system of “county road administrator, township supervisor and village road guard” has been established. The city has recruited more than 1200 rural road administrators, who are responsible for daily road inspection, safety investigation, publicity of laws and regulations, dissuasion of illegal behaviors, emergency response and other work.”Technology card point” off-site law enforcement.In view of the phenomenon of some overloaded vehicles going around the rural roads, the transportation departments at all levels of Bozhou city, with the support of the public security traffic police and local government, have adopted the technology to control the over-jam points, set up the facilities to limit the height and width, and implemented the combination of flow control and fixed control, so as to effectively protect the traffic safety of rural roads and Bridges.At present, the city has built and put into use the rural road science and technology overload control point 7, all access to the provincial overload control information system, and with the public security traffic police department network, formed a “one overload four punishment” linkage mechanism.