China Securities Index ESG rating: Haier Smart home is the only company with the highest rating in the industry

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Recently, China Securities Index Corporation announced the A-share listed company ESG rating, Haier Zhijia was rated AAA, not only the highest in the domestic industry, but also the only one in the domestic industry to be rated AAA.It is understood that China Securities Index Co., Ltd. is jointly funded and established by Shanghai Stock Exchange and Shenzhen Stock Exchange, a company specializing in the development of securities indexes and index derivatives. Its ESG evaluation system includes three dimensions: environment, society and corporate governance.The ESG rating of the China Securities Index is divided into 10 grades from high to low: AAA, AA, A, BBB, BB, B, CCC, CC, C and D.Haier Zhijia has a remarkable performance in this ESG rating: environmental dimension score 0.93, social dimension score 0.96, corporate governance dimension score 0.89, comprehensive rating AAA, the highest rating in the industry in China.And this is not the first time haier think home by ESG domestic industry the highest rating, the MSCI, Wind ESG rating and CDP climate questionnaire + water the highest ratings are based on the domestic industry, both in promoting green development, into social public welfare, and promote the corporate governance, all reflect the sustainable development of the strong competitiveness.With the proposal of China’s “dual carbon” goal, the 14th Five-Year Plan and the 2035 Vision and Goal outline highlighting the concept of green development, more and more enterprises and institutions are joining the exploration road to practice THE CONCEPT of ESG.Present, ESG is changing the way of the day-to-day management of the enterprise, especially for manufacturing enterprises, to promote industry green transformation, must from the initial production of promoting new technology applied in the depth of the manufacturing process, improving operation efficiency and the construction of intelligent manufacturing demonstration plant, in order to reduce the waste of water and electricity, reducing carbon emissions, realize green development.In this regard, Haier Zhijia obtained 0.93 in the environmental dimension of THE ESG rating of the China Securities Index, and the four “lighthouse factories” it owns are the tip of the iceberg.What is “Lighthouse Factory”?The biggest characteristic of “Lighthouse Factory” is the integration and comprehensive application of intelligent, digital, automation and other technologies in the manufacturing process, promoting efficiency improvement, energy saving, emission reduction and operation optimization. It is a synonym of high science and technology content, strong innovation, high labor productivity, good economic benefits and green and low-carbon development.In China, Haier Zhijia is one of the enterprises with the largest number of “lighthouse factories”, realizing the full coverage of the four major industries of ice, washing, air conditioning and heat, all of which are the first in the industry, creating a unique industry “lighthouse cluster” in the world.For example, zhengzhou Haier Water Heater Interconnection Factory, which was selected not long ago, uses big data, 5G edge computing and UWB solutions to establish a close relationship with suppliers, factories and users, speeding up the order response cycle by 25%, improving production efficiency by 31% and improving quality level by 26%.In addition to the production end, Haier Zhijia also focuses on enabling green and low-carbon development to “take root” in a wider range, from raw material manufacturers to logistics enterprises, from consumers to recycling and dismantling factories, to achieve carbon reduction in the whole life cycle of products.In May last year, Haier Zhijia started the construction of the first connected factory in the green cycle industry, which will achieve five first projects in green, intelligent, digital, big data verification and value cycle. The plant is expected to officially put into operation in July 2022.After being put into production, it can disassemble 2 million waste household appliances and 30,000 tons of modified granulation every year.In addition, overseas FPA’s Auckland plant has a comprehensive product recycling facility that has been in operation for over 15 years.In the ESG rating of the China Securities Index, Haier Zhijia scored 0.93 in the environmental dimension, confirming that its series of layout in green development has achieved preliminary results, and has been recognized by the authority, and is promoting the green and low-carbon accelerated reform of the whole industry.It should be noted that ESG is a comprehensive indicator. In addition to practicing green and low-carbon development in the environment, enterprises’ performance in social responsibility and corporate governance is also crucial.In the ESG evaluation of the China Securities Index, Haier Smart home has the highest score of social dimension and undoubtedly performs best.Public welfare is an important way for Haier experts to practice social responsibility and create social value.In China, Haier has invested a total of 122 million YUAN in the construction of 345 Hope primary schools and 1 Hope middle school, covering 26 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions across the country. It is “the enterprise with the most assistance in the construction of Hope Primary schools in the Hope Project of the Youth League Central Committee”.At the same time, Haier Smart Home not only actively supports rural development and poverty alleviation, but also pays attention to the impact of domestic and overseas natural disasters and epidemics. Haier people around the world act fastest to provide emergency relief.In China, Haier Donated 20 million yuan to henan flood relief.Overseas, when the epidemic broke out in Thailand, India and other countries, Haier Zhijia actively assisted by donating medical equipment and a full set of smart home appliances.In addition, in terms of corporate governance, Haier Zhijia has set up a special ESG committee, covering a total of 24 topics at multiple levels, including diversity, community participation, business ethics and sustainable products.This means that, from concept guidance to organizational structure, from top-level design to implementation, Haier Zhijia has formed a relatively mature framework system in THE FIELD of ESG, which reflects the company’s high attention and long-term planning.At the same time, Haier smart home also earnestly safeguard the rights and interests of employees, and employees to share development, create a better future.As a global enterprise, Haier Smart Home employees come from different countries around the world, with different skills, perspectives and cultural backgrounds.In this regard, Haier Zhijia is committed to creating an inclusive working environment, always adhere to the “human value first”, through the construction of a diversified system, to provide support for the long-term development of every employee.In the United States, GEA has been awarded the Great Place to Work Certification as the World’s Best Place to Work.China is entering the ESG fast track of development, how to make the ESG from theory to practice is the key for every enterprise facing the next question, because the practice of ESG concept is not only the simple sum of several sustainable development measures but to strongly aligned with the company’s long-term strategy, to realize corporate social value and commercial value of synchronous growth.In view of this problem, Haier has given a reference, worthy of industry thinking and reference.