Elderly passenger suddenly choked food, China Southern airlines flight emergency return

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Youth Daily Shanghai reporter Liu Chunxia correspondent Guo Jia an 83-year-old wheelchair passenger accidentally choked on food and breathed weakly!A thrilling scene occurred on China Southern Airlines flight CZ3095 from Shanghai Pudong to Taipei on February 11.In the case of crisis, the cabin crew assisted the doctors on board to give first aid, and the crew made a quick decision to return to Pudong Airport. Due to the timely treatment, the old man was sent to the hospital and saved the life.Jiang Feifei, chief flight attendant of China Southern Airlines, recalled that she was worried about whether the 83-year-old wheelchair passenger would need more help during the journey when she learned that she had a history of cerebral infarction and could not move her body, accompanied only by her wife.As soon as the plane entered the flat flight stage, Jiang Feifei brought a cup of warm milk to the old man’s seat and said, “Hello, Grandma, this is hot milk for you.”His grandmother thanked him and continued to feed Chen, 83.However, careful Jiang Feifei found that Grandpa Chen did not seem to respond, milk can not drink into, the face gradually pale, and seems to have a little eye roll symptoms.”Grandma, what’s wrong with Grandpa Chen?”Jiang Feifei felt bad, beside the grandmother also found wrong, nervous up, began to shout Grandpa Chen.Jiang Feifei while comforting the old man, while checking found grandpa Chen’s mouth bulging, there seems to be food has not been swallowed.”Grandma, did you just give him something to eat?”She asked.”Yes.”Grandma said and began to panic.At this time Lin Xiaodan, the steward, and Zheng Liaqian, the purseman, heard the sound and rushed to their assistance.Jiang Feifei felt for the old man’s breath, but she could hardly feel it. So she arranged for purse-officer Zheng Liu Qian to make an immediate radio call for a doctor and report to the captain.Because the old man can not move the whole body, Lin Xiaoran and Jiang Feifei can only hold the passengers, grandpa Chen’s body forward, trying to open his mouth, and continuously beat its back, to help Grandpa Chen remove oral residual food.Then Grandpa Chen finally spit out the residual food, but Jiang Feifei observed that his situation did not significantly improve.Fortunately, one of the passengers on board was a doctor who came to examine the elderly man and judged that his condition was critical and that CPR was needed immediately.In order to facilitate the doctors to carry out first aid, the crew carefully carried Grandpa Chen off the seat and moved him flat on the cabin floor.The grandmother of the peer is very worried, anxious to cry in the side, Jiang Feifei hurriedly held grandma gently patted shoulder to comfort.After the doctor and passenger continued to give chest compressions for several times, Grandpa Chen finally recovered weak breathing, the cabin crew took the spare oxygen bottle to give him oxygen, covered with blankets to keep warm, and prepared the blood pressure monitor stethoscope and other emergency supplies for the doctor to use.Because the old man had cerebral infarction, the doctor said it was best to raise his head, the flight attendant Ji Yingjie under the guidance of the doctor with his own body to support the old man’s head, knees to help its head, help passengers breathe oxygen until passengers get off the plane.Stewardship Lin Xiaodan also cooperate with the doctor’s requirements, uninterrupted call Grandpa Chen, let him not to fall asleep.”The old man’s breathing is better!But it’s better to go to the hospital.”The doctor suggested, feeling the old man’s pulse.Jiang Feifei will immediately report the situation to the captain, the captain decision to return, in advance to contact the airport ambulance.After the plane landed, Jiang Feifei immediately helped the two elderly people contact their families in Taipei and explained the situation.At this time, China Southern Shanghai ground service Department Chen Longjun and other 3 staff and airport emergency personnel have arrived in advance, quickly observe the elderly situation, immediately arrange stretcher to carry the elderly to the ambulance to the nearest hospital for rescue.It is understood that the passenger Grandpa Chen has been out of the danger of life after rescue in the hospital, turned the corner.At 18:52 on the same day, China Southern Airlines flight CZ3095 took off from Pudong Airport again. Although the delay was nearly 4 hours, the passengers on the flight all expressed their understanding and praised the performance of the cabin crew in rescuing the elderly.Youth Daily · Youth Shanghai reporter Liu Chunxia Correspondent Guo Jia Editor: Liang Wenjing