Everyone has cancer cells?Why doesn’t everyone get cancer?Turns out, cancer cells may like you to do three things

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Cancer cells belong to a kind of variant cell cancer, have infinite value-added, transformation and easy to transfer the characteristics, it will invade the normal surrounding tissue or through the human body’s circulation system and lymphatic system transfer to other parts of the human body to cause pathological changes, is the cause of human body cancer.Although the level of medical treatment has been greatly improved, but we still talk about cancer color, cancer is terrible, because it has a very strong invasion, metastasis, especially after the recurrence of metastasis, the mortality is very high.Everyone has cancer cells?Researchers found that cancer cells are a normal, human form structure is basic unit cells, and cells at every moment in the update, chemical pollution, ionizing radiation in the outside world, poor diet and environmental changes in the body under a variety of carcinogenic factors, life does not have a cancer cell is not possible.Every body has cancer, according to the pathologist through a lot of autopsy concluded after check pathology, although the cause of death in different, but everyone can find the cancer cells in the body, but most of the cancer cells in the body is less, no cancer, so there is also little sign of discomfort.Why doesn’t everyone get cancer?Everyone has cancer cells in the body, but not everyone will get cancer. After exposure to air pollution, radiation and chemical substances in the external environment, gene mutations will be caused, resulting in individual cells becoming cancerous and forming cancer cells.However, the normal human body has a complete set of gene correction system, among which the P53 gene is the most clearly studied tumor suppressor gene, which can detect cancerous cells in the human body and carry out gene repair.If it is not repaired, it can induce the cancer cells to die, so most people will not have the accumulation of cancer cells to form cancer.But when the tumor suppressor gene is inactivated, or when the gene editing function is defective, the number of cancerous cells in the body increases and cancer develops.People who often stay up late and sleep irregularly are at high risk of cancer. As early as 2007, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) of the World Health Organization will stay up late as 2A carcinogenic factors.After staying up late, it is easy to have rough skin and dark yellow complexion. This is because night is the working time for human qi and blood to transport to the gallbladder. If the gallbladder does not get sufficient rest, it will cause a lot of skin problems.The body usually carries out detoxification work through the liver and kidney during the time of sleep at night. Staying up late will make the body detoxification cannot be carried out normally, and the toxin metabolism in the body cannot be released, thus damaging the liver and kidney, leading to the weakening of visceral function. Over time, it is easy to cause lesions and increase the probability of cancer.Smoking is probably the most common cause of lung cancer. Studies have found that compared with non-smokers, smokers’ risk of developing cancer is up to 30 times higher. According to WHO calculations, by the end of the 20th century, smoking 5.6 trillion cigarettes per year will cause nearly 10 million deaths per year by 2030.(3) : sulk often sulk people, the incidence of malignant lung cancer is indeed higher than normal people, Beijing cancer research institute of 100 temperament not open, good sulk people tracking survey found that they are not only simple stomach cancer, and the incidence of other cancers are also obvious.Modern medicine admits now, the mood is upset can bring about the maladjustment of system of human body cerebrum nerve, endocrine and immune mechanism, can make the malignant cell that ambush inside the person originally breaks out hyperplasia, form malignant lung cancer.Still have expert to think, be in bad mood for a long time when human body below malign influence, can promote normal cell to break out directly change, even form cancer cell.Cancer cells fear you doing the following 5 things.1. Afraid of your exercise: suitable for walking and jogging aerobic exercise, do the head tall and chest striding 2.Afraid you quit smoking: you can not say who who who smoked a lifetime of smoke have lived 70 or 80 years old, this is a case, smoking will increase the incidence of lung cancer, so quit smoking, when it is not too late.3 afraid you go to bed early: sleep before 11 PM, nap between 11 PM and 1 PM is the best.4. afraid you drink more water: drink more water every day is good for health 5. afraid you have a good mood: a good mood will give cancer cells a headache