It took six months for the yongkang artist to draw 2,300 shrimp for the Asian Games

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(Video source: Tianmunews) On January 21, Yongkang painter Lu Chuankang donated his hundred-meter long scroll Chinese painting “Return of the Wanderer” to help promote the Asian Games.Xu Deqing, head of the Publicity Department of hangzhou Asian Organizing Committee and Deputy head of the Publicity Department of Hangzhou Municipal Party Committee, thanked Mr. Lu chuankang for his donation in his speech, and said that it was a vivid embodiment of the literary and artistic masters helping the publicity of the Asian Games and added more profound connotations to the publicity work of the Preparations for the Asian Games.Lu Chuankang, a national first-class artist, is currently the director of The Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Association, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Painting and Calligraphy, the director of the International Chinese Artists Association, and the director of the National Talent Assessment Committee. He is a disciple of Qi Baishi and Liu Jincai, the chairman of the Chinese Painting and calligraphy Association.Although he is 60 years old, suffering from severe illness, but with his love for the motherland, homesickness, in order to help the Asian Games, with 6 months to create the 100-meter long scroll “Back of the Wanderer”, the painting of 2,300 shrimp, 89,700 strokes, did not change a stroke, one breath.These shrimp are liflike, consistent from the beginning to the end, conform to the trend, majestic, dragon line shrimp language, wan Qi return, the author passed the traditional culture verve with exquisite painting art, also fit the theme of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, but also expressed the good wishes for the success of the Hangzhou Asian Games.Part of the work is a picture of rong Media Reporter: Lu Jiale Rong Media editor: Lu Jiale