Lur owner look over, want to change the car or not change the number?These misunderstandings need to be sorted out

2022-09-17 0 By

To say that every lu R owner of the most cherished thing is to go through all the difficulties to obtain lu R brand, especially some “beautiful” “memorial number” is everyone’s heart is good is the so-called “iron plate water car” how to achieve the number from the car “retain the original number” understand!Keep the original number!Within the retention period, the owner can apply for the original license number to the window acceptance personnel when handling the on-site registration business of the newly purchased vehicle (new car, used car).But the plate number is not you want to leave can leave ~ many owners have misunderstanding on business application is not successful, miss plate number error 1: transfer as long as you can apply for to apply for retaining the original plate number, has the strict constraints: # use fixed number of year limit motor vehicle plate number in foreign more than 1 year (including 1 year);The system will automatically retain it for 2 years after transfer registration, cancellation or moving out;The road traffic safety violations and traffic accidents involving the original motor vehicles in normal condition have been dealt with.Tips owner id card information has changed, can not apply to retain the original number!Misunderstanding 2: If the number of the motor vehicle plate can be transferred to handle the motor vehicle business (except the husband and wife change registration business), the number of the motor vehicle plate can only be used by the original owner, can not be transferred to others.No matter buying a new car or a used one, the owner can apply to keep the original license number.Misunderstanding 4: The application can not be applied for reservation of the original number can be applied again.However, when applying again, the motor vehicle plate number shall be used under the original vehicle name for more than one year (including one year).Want to change the car do not change the license plate must avoid the above mistakes oh ~ source: Heze traffic police editor: Haoming