“Peace and harmony to welcome the New Year” and “two festivals” during the city’s cultural activities good “play” stage

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Original red boutique plays (festival), “Enjoy the New Year painting” New Year painting works group exhibition, “literary light Cavalry” grass-roots activities, opera, calligraphy, art photography, folk skills, folk art and other performances……Recently, during the Spring Festival and Lantern Festival, nearly 70 online and offline cultural activities benefiting the people have been fascinating.During the “Two Festivals”, the theme of the city’s cultural activities is “Our Dream” — culture into the tens of thousands of people, and the activities will run from January 2022 to the end of February 2022.Activities to enliven the masses of the people’s spiritual and cultural life and carry forward the excellent traditional culture for the purpose, adhere to the face at the grass-roots level, mass, festive, local characteristics, safety, economy, the principle of appropriate scale, extensive organization to carry out the rich contents, various forms of Spring Festival culture huimin activities, concentrated showcase the rich cultural resources and local cultural features,Let the masses have a happy, peaceful and festive traditional festival.Libraries and cultural centers at all levels will give full play to the functions and functions of public cultural services during the festival, implement the free programs and contents, ensure the opening time, expand the scope of services, and make public cultural venues become the main front of festival cultural activities.During the event, the city exhibition hall will carry out the “New Year painting over the New Year” New Year painting works group exhibition, the second “Ink Spring” 2022 contemporary painting masters invitation exhibition, Welcome the New Year · Painting mountain city — “Yangquan Mark” Zhang Weizhong watercolor exhibition and other 7 exhibitions.The city library will hold the New Children’s Book exhibition in the Spring Festival, draw lots for “Yin” lucky bag, empower Me with Reading — Deng Yongqiu reading promotion hand-painted poster exhibition, “100 Photographers Focus on the New Era” online and offline photo exhibition and other activities.City museum will carry out museum documentary, “New Year wish” museum wishing wall, tiger year cast “tiger” (throwing pot), “culture into ten thousand, I do practical things for the masses” — the museum to send “fu” and other activities.Through these cultural service projects benefiting the people, serving the people and enjoying the people, the masses can feel the thick flavor of the New Year.During the activity, “literary light cavalry” will be sent to the grassroots “cultural feast”.They will go deep into villages and towns (streets), villages (communities), schools, barracks, enterprises and other cultural performances, send books and newspapers, carry out training, lectures, pair counseling and other cultural grass-roots activities, the culture really sent to the people’s door.Including participating in the activities of “Our dream, culture into thousands of people” and “I do practical things for the masses” to be carried out in guzhuang Village of Hedi town in the suburbs, and “We do practical things for the masses” to be carried out in Lianzhuang Village of Jucheng town in Pingding County.Grassroots artistic troupe, non-genetic inheritor (team) will actively carry out a wide range of cultural activities during the activity, such as opera, calligraphy, art photography, folk skills, folk art and other literary and artistic creation and performance display, to create a strong atmosphere of grassroots people spend the festival together.Including in dayangquan village to carry out the “Nine Yellow River array”, yangko dance, in the mining people’s government building 1, 2 to carry out the “riddles send Spring Festival couplets” activities in Guzhuang village, Sandu village, thousands of mu Ping village and other places to carry out the “100 map to see the suburbs 100 poems praise the suburbs” tour exhibition.In addition, the city’s cultural system will carry out the “New Year’s Eve Painting” New Year painting works group exhibition activities, 2022 “Culture into thousands of people — Video live Hometown year” activities, 2022 “two festival” during the fine plays (festival) online exhibition and other activities;We encourage artists and art lovers to create excellent works with positive energy, strong appeal and popular among the people, and actively participate in the collection of music works with the theme of “I Love Your Motherland” and the collection of short video works of “The Museum of My Hometown and I” to create a happy and peaceful festive atmosphere.(Bai Jialing wei Junhua) Author/source: Nine schools view the world statement: copyright belongs to the original, reprint this article is for the purpose of passing more information.If there is a source marked wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact this network, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.