Qi Yang city maternal and child health care hospital: epidemic prevention and control do not relax emergency drill build a defense line

2022-09-17 0 By

Hunan Daily · New Hunan client on April 8 (correspondent Li Sufang Tang Xiaoyuan Tang Duanyang) April 6 afternoon, Qi Yang city maternal and child health care hospital in the second inpatient department to carry out epidemic prevention and control emergency drill.Relevant personnel of department of nosocomiology, clinical laboratory, medical unit, nursing department, internal pediatrics, equipment unit, general affairs and security unit and other departments shall participate together.Drill site, the simulation of a pediatric inpatients in the hospital after testing positive for nucleic acids, hospital outbreak of epidemic prevention and control the emergency leading group immediately start emergency plans, all relevant departments from cases of locking, medical treatment, active area control, personnel evacuation, epidemic report, material supply, environment, sanitizers, patient transport fast to drill.All departments on the drill site acted quickly, had clear responsibilities, cooperated closely, and accurately escorted the “patients” to the designated hospital transport car.After the drill, the drill summary meeting was held immediately, and the relevant department heads analyzed the drill process, pointed out the existing problems and suggestions for improvement.Finally, the director of the hospital stressed that the exercise should be taken as an opportunity to further strengthen detailed management, strengthen weak points, constantly enhance the emergency response capacity of the epidemic, give full play to the role of medical institutions as “sentinels”, and ensure the health and life safety of the people.