Shaoyang County audit Bureau: happiness knocking on the door of the people in peace to welcome the New Year

2022-09-17 0 By

Rednet time On January 25 news (correspondent Huang Again sheng Chen Jian) “dong Dong Dong, Deng Grandpa, a cold better?Be careful when you warm yourself at home.””Ma ‘am, the smoked goods must not leave, just in case.”On January 24, members of the county Audit Bureau’s rural revitalization department and the village branch’s two committees separately carried out fire prevention, epidemic prevention and control, electricity safety inspection and publicity in Datangping and Duwen village of Lijiaping Town, Shaoyang County, to celebrate the Spring Festival safely.It is reported that in order to further strengthen security prevention, epidemic prevention and control, drug control and anti-fraud work, the town of Li Jiaping has launched an in-depth “happiness knocking at the door, safe home” campaign since January 17.Request the town each village two committee members, the grid chief, the village work team member, give full play to the village party leader, the grid member role, go all out to protect the people’s safety and happiness.The rural revitalization task force of the county audit Bureau closely cooperates with the village committees, implements the joint film responsibility system, and does publicity work one household at a time.With the help of the team leader of party members, grid members and young and middle-aged farmers at home, strengthen the guardianship tips for the left-behind elderly and students on vacation at home.The cadres and workers of the bureau insist on greeting and reminding the couples every day to improve their safety awareness.Through the supervision service wechat group, “village sound” broadcast, vigorously carry out the “happiness knock, safe home” action publicity.According to statistics, to 24, the two villages issued 500 copies of safety publicity materials, broadcast publicity for a total of 15 hours, 55 people participated in household visits, security risks investigation, a total of more than 2,000 visits to farmers, to correct firewood stoves piled up next to 18 unsafe behavior.