Why couldn’t the fighting capacity of the Southern Ming army defeat the puppet army?

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Recently, there is a very popular discussion on the Internet that the fighting capacity of the Southern Ming army is so weak that even the puppet army can not do well, while the southern Song dynasty can not do well in the Jin dynasty but can completely overthrow the puppet Qi regime.There is a conceptual mistake here. The green battalions who worked for the Manchu Dynasty after the surrender of the Ming Dynasty were not independent regimes like the pseudo-Qi regime, but as strong and powerful as the Han marquis who was recruited by Mongolia.These are two completely different concepts.The role of the puppet Qi regime was to help the Jin state exploit the Han people, and was responsible for all aspects of a regime, such as politics, economy and military affairs, while the Green soldiers and the Mongolian Han dynasty were not. They were professional soldiers and only needed to be responsible for fighting.As a military group that has been fighting for a long time, whether it is Mongolia or Later Jin, they have strict KPI assessment of military combat effectiveness and generous rewards. In such a regime, it is easy to get ahead when fighting.So the generals who could not fight were eliminated quickly, and the rest were able to fight, so the impression was that the Ming army became able to fight immediately after surrendering to the puppet army, and the green generals who were counted were also the most able to fight in the Ming army.Some of the best fighters of the Song dynasty went on to join the founding of the Southern Song rather than surrender to the Jin.To take this opportunity to also want to simply talk about Ming the regime, said first the problem of time, start time starts, chongzhen committed suicide in 1644 AD and end time has two nodes, the first is the 1661 calendar wu sangui strangled in Burma, this time a total of 17 years, kangxi off Taiwan, if you count to 1683, a total of 39 years.For a new dynasty, it took a long time for jin to unify the country.Also said that it is made by the Ming army was very interesting, the prophase is the system of the Ming dynasty troops, but soon a mainstay only refugees of zhoushan Zhang Huangyan army, led by fujian Taiwan by zheng chenggong pirate forces, li areas of real talent east 13 and schuster mm, sun is expected to lead the yunnan-guizhou guangxi area of yellow tiger areas.They are not really economic forces, but why they were able to compete with the Qing army consisting of the Eight banners of the Manchu Dynasty and the Economic forces of the Ming Dynasty for 17 years is a question worth pondering.I think the main reason is that the manchu conquest process was too brutal. First, the brutality of the Eight banners of the Manchu Dynasty, and second, the brutality of the Surrender of the Ming imperial army.Manchu eight banners are brutal causes of shanhaiguan, manchu though the upper mouth to say to want to occupy the world of the han Chinese, but they are not confident, so when a lot of their mentality is not han provinces as their home, but other people’s home, this mindset is to rob some more clinging, will destroy couldn’t grab.So in the early qing dynasty into the city often outbreak of events, the most brutal is yangzhou ten.The list of other massacres is endless.In pu songling “strange stories” in multiple stories are written, the eight banners soldiers move south passing the shandong, after the camp, the eight banners soldiers are scattered in shandong hinterland rule and plunder, people hear the eight banners soldiers transit will hide in the reeds, a few days can’t come out, a lot of villages were burning white ground, many rich men were looted,Many women were raped and tortured and killed for many years, and the memory of this violence has been etched in the hearts of the people.The discipline of the surrendered Ming army was no better than that of the eight Banners, but it was not entirely due to the Manchu.In the middle and later period of the Ming Dynasty, due to financial collapse and the status of the literati completely outstripped that of the warriors, the Ming army was often deprived of food and pay, and could not have enough to eat. However, in order to maintain the rule, the rulers of the Ming Dynasty asked the generals to solve the food problem of their men by themselves.So from the middle of the Ming Dynasty, in addition to the generals, but also to make money, like Qi Jiguang, Liu Xian, Liu 綎, Ma Fang, Li Chengliang and other generals, the eight immaculate across the sea each show his ability, think Li Chengliang this monopoly business interests to raise soldiers is very few, most of them are extortion, in the enemy-occupied areas.But in the later stages of development, especially after Chongzhen came to power, the Treasury could starve mice, and the generals who could pull people up to the battlefield were almost completely relaxed.He doesn’t care how the money comes as long as he can fight.And generals make money into three kinds, the first kind of make juntun, such as Sun Chuanting, this effect is very good, but the taboo of the court, this is too dangerous.Sun Chuanting himself by Chongzhen prison for many years is because the juntun is too good, the court is afraid of control.The second kind is MAO Wenlong, who raised money by doing business by himself. The third kind is looting and pillaging people, represented by Zuo Liangyu. If you are interested, you can see zuo Liangyu’s atrocities.And strange guan Ning iron riding is three means together.As a result, the military discipline of the Ming army was extremely poor.The imperial court had no money, the army robbed the people to raise money for military expenditure, the people were robbed, they went to the rebels, then the court could not collect money, the army had to be more brutal looting, more people rose up, a few years later, the Ming Dynasty was ruined, Chongzhen was forced to hang.Once the army has solved the problem of food and pay by itself, it will become a warlord, and warlords have no fighting power and will not be deployed here.After the establishment of the Southern Ming, it relied on these warlords to fight against the Manchu, and was swept away by a wave of destruction. The Ming army, which surrendered to the Manchu, became accustomed to making a fortune by killing and pillaging.Many people on the Internet say that the Manchu dynasty solved the problem of food and pay for these troops, which is actually bullshit, it can only be said that the partial solution, so that they will not starve to death, but the Manchu Dynasty promised that they can legally loot and slaughter the city, as their reward for going to war.But the Ming Dynasty could not do that.At the same time, in order to create the army in front of the people’s contradiction, the Qing Dynasty has been very conniving at the evil deeds of the green battalion soldiers.This made the Han people hate the Manchu government very much, and they missed the good times of the Ming dynasty even more.Therefore, when the Soldiers with better fighting ability and discipline appeared, they won the universal support and support of the people. The more and more difficult it was for the Manchu Dynasty to fight, which is why the Southern Ming dynasty could deal with the Manchu Dynasty for seventeen years with the help of refugee rebels, pirate gangs and refugees.In the face of this, the Manchu dynasty directly put a reward on the southern Ming entrenched fujian, Guangdong, Guangxi, Yunnan, Guizhou, who can capture the whoever, they did not want to let their army to desperately.Therefore, there are three shun king and Wu Sangui in front of the brave fight completely destroyed the remnants of the Southern Ming in the mainland, which is also the origin of the San Francisco in the early Qing Dynasty.And Wu Sangui and SAN Shun king originally was the Ming dynasty can fight the frontier army.San Francisco ran these provinces as its own, and their rule was much more lenient and lenient than that of the other provinces, which led a prosperous life.Kangxi envious jealous are made, in spite of all the cutting Francisco but easy, the two sides into the eight years, eight banners direct real hurt their feet, to enable green as the qing dynasty by the army, was never a free lunch in the world, starting from the kangxi reign has to absorb the han Chinese elite into the ruling class, and from this time,At the beginning of the Qing Dynasty, the phenomenon of slaughtering the city had to be restrained.There was a very popular article about why the Southern Song was able to do it easily and why it was so difficult for the Southern Ming to do it.