Xihu District of Nanchang: Steadily promote the construction of diligent west Lake in the new era

2022-09-17 0 By

“We should inherit the spirit of the Iron Army, convey strict discipline requirements to every Party member and cadre, so that the majority of party members and cadres are enlightened, shocked and restrained in their behavior, and constantly build a solid ideological defense against corruption and degeneration.”March 9, Nanchang Xihu District commission for Discipline inspection and nanchang New Fourth Army military headquarters site exhibition hall jointly built Qinlian West Lake education base opening ceremony was held, xihu district all discipline inspection and supervision cadres participated in.To build QinLian education base, west lake is lake the commission for discipline inspection committee pays attention to excavate excellent red culture, combined with a rich red resources, build a accept QinLian lake the party members and cadres education new platform, through the organic combination of red culture and honest culture, constantly strengthen the party members and cadres in QinLian consciousness, regulate the behavior of politics.In addition, Xihu district will also promote the construction of diligent and clean family style, education of the family members of party members leading cadres to find the risk point of clean family, contend for “clean help”;Promote the construction of honest units, give play to the exemplary and leading role of party and government organs, and constantly improve the work efficiency and public image of organs and institutions;Promote QinLian society construction, the cultivation QinLian value concept and to advance the whole domain work together to promote cultural and ethical progress, and let the proud of attendance for the United States, in the concept of cast iron, which advocates the attendance is inexpensive value orientation, makes the entire district party politics more clear air, which is the wind, party members and cadres bear more work,To provide a strong guarantee for the comprehensive construction of modern “happy West Lake” with people’s satisfaction.