McGrady’s eight first-round games ranked fourth on the list of NBA stars eliminated in the first round of the playoffs

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There are a lot of let NBA star face, like the first round of the playoffs by black eight, leading by overhauling, the finals was swept 4-0, etc., and swim to the bottom again may be the first round of the playoffs turn, once when Tracy McGrady in the hall of fame, because often the first to swim by fans ridicule, but Tracy McGrady while knocked out eight times in the first round of his career,But he’s still not the most first-round player in the NBA. Here’s how.10. Hakeem Olajuwon, eight first round playoff games, best record: two championships!Hakeem olajuwon in rookie in the second year is actually lead into the finals, but helpless Sampson injured lets the rocket just start to encounter, then the rockets started to keep loss to Seattle, big dream 15 playoff experience eight times in the first round, the other semi-final twice, three times in the western conference finals once, the NBA finals, championship twice!Supersonic is impossible for a rocket!9. Nowitzki, eight first-round games, best record: one championship!Nowitzki has made 15 playoff appearances in his 21-year career, including eight first-round appearances, four semifinals, one Western Conference finals, and two Finals.Nowitzki and Dream the same eight, but one less championship so the top place!8. Kevin Garnett, eight first round playoff games, best record: one championship!The Timberwolves have made only nine playoff appearances, eight of them by Garnett. Unfortunately, seven of those were first-round appearances, only reaching the Western Conference finals in 2003-04 and a 4-2 loss to the New York Knicks in 2012-13.Garnett won a championship, but it was obviously lower than nowitzki in ’11, so it’s up there!The Timberwolves have only been to the playoffs once since Garnett left.No. 7 Jason Kidd, eight first round playoff games, best record: one championship!Kidd has made 17 playoff appearances in his 19-year career, including eight first-round appearances, six semifinals appearances, three Finals appearances and one championship.Jason kidd also has a championship but the title is less than Garnett, so the position is one more!No. 6: Malone & Stockton, eight first round playoff games, best result: Finals!Karl Malone all reached the playoffs in his 19-year career, jazz is lost in the first round of most rockets and supersonic, Utah twice lost to the rockets in 9495, then jazz twice eliminated the rockets yao Ming period, and then Sir Mitchell period twice Houston rockets, according to the law behind the jazz won twice the rockets again!Together for 18 seasons!Fourth place: McGrady, eight first round games, best result: first round of the playoffs!McGrady has nine playoff appearances in his career, but the 2012-13 season with the Spurs was only a small number, and all eight of his playoff appearances were lost in the first round, including one with the Raptors, three with the Magic, three with the Rockets and one with the Hawks.The magic blew a 3-1 Detroit lead in ’03, the Mavericks blew a 2-0 start in’ 05, and the Jazz blew a 2-0 start in ’07.A 2-0 start and a tiebreaker by the Mavs!No. 3: Andre Miller, nine first round playoff games, best record: Eastern Conference semifinals!Andre Miller is the guy who looks like Karen Mok. He won the assists title in the 2001-02 season and is considered a starter above all-star level.Miller scored 11 playoff career with all nine years before the first round, finally 13-14 season after joining the wizards have breakthrough, round this year in a 4-1 defeat to the first round of the bull time they lost to the indiana pacers, who then 15 to 16 season, the spurs also reached the second round, but miller is averaging only 2.3 points and 1.8 assists, participation is not high!Once the Nuggets used Miller as the main bargaining chip from Philadelphia for Iverson!No. 2: Grant Hill, 10 first round playoff games, best result: Western Conference finals!Hill’s teams have made 11 playoff appearances, including four first-round trips by the Pistons, four by the Magic, one by the SUNS and one by the Clippers. The only time hill has advanced past the first round was in 2009-10, when the SUNS beat Portland and SAN Antonio on the way to a 4-2 loss to the Lakers in the Western Conference finals. Hill averaged 9.8 points and 4.3 assists in the series.Grant Hill was once touted as Jordan’s successor, but he’s way too far from Jordan based on playoff performance alone.No. 1: Carmelo Anthony, 9 first round playoff games, best record: Western conference finals!Anthony has made 13 playoff appearances, including nine first-round appearances and one in each conference finals.Anthony who was so high when we first formed the team!Anthony before 18 years as an absolute main force in the nuggets lost six times, the knicks lose twice, losing a thunder, 20 and 21 years later as a substitute in Portland and lose two times, ups and downs in now, the lakers this season, if the end of the regular season the lakers only 7 or 8 places in the west and the warriors and the first round of the playoffs face the sun,Their chances of getting past the first round of the playoffs are not good.